One Lovely Blog Award

Happy Friday you lovely bunch!  I am incredibly thankful to Claudia from Claudiamariefit for nominating me to do the One Lovely Blog Award Tag.  Claudia has a beautiful blog and you really have to check it out before you continue to read on!  I love being nominated for these things because it means you can get to know me better and I can also get to know you lot a bit better too!

I will list 7 (random and hopefully interesting) facts about me and will nominate some fellow bloggers which I believe are worth checking out and who I would like to know more about!

Let’s get started:

  1. I am really good at procrastinating.  Any time that I have something important to do I will always find myself sitting reading blogs or watching random Youtube videos.  I really wish I was one of these people that gets stressed and does something about it but unfortunately I am not.
  2. I have a love for pickles.  Yup, you did read that correct!! I don’t know why but I just love them.  There is a restuarant near my house that does deep fried pickles and they are truly my life – super yummy! I also recently discovered Pickle Pringles and they are amazing too 🙂
  3. I am always hungry.  It is extremely rare for me to pass down food!!! It is a true curse to say the least!
  4. I am a student.  I just completed my HND at Aberdeen College in Administration and Information Technology.  I will be starting 3rd year at Robert Gordons University in September and I am extremely nervous about it!
  5. I worry A LOT.  I am always worried about what other people think of me or how they view me.  I worry most about my friends and their happiness.  I would go above and beyond to make sure my friends are happy! (Yup I’m a sap!!)
  6. I have a ridiculous amount of lipsticks. I recently hit around the 70 mark which is almost sickening however lipstick is my favourite item of makeup so I don’t mind too much! Just makes it so difficult to choose what to put on everyday!
  7. I recently just bought my first car! It’s a blue Peugeot 206 and it used to be my mums.  It is pretty beat up and old but I love it anyway.  I don’t actually drive yet but am learning 🙂

I nominate the following for The One Lovely Blog Award:

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7 hopefully interesting facts about me! Let me know an interesting fact about you in the comments!



7 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

    1. Ahh someone who shares my love of pickles❤️❤️ haha! I found them in Lidls so I think they are imported from somewhere! Thanks for following btw😇xxx

      1. I got way too excited reading about this, it always gave away to my colleagues that I am not actually working haha and no problem, I’m really liking your blog so I’m very happy you stumbled upon mine <3

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