December 3, 2018

So yeah, this one maybe isn’t Christmas related content but it something I want to start doing on my blog weekly through this month and hopefully carry it through 2019 too.  I want to start sharing with you guys who my favourite bloggers/youtubers are and what a better way than through a blog post dedicated to the hard working individual!

This week I’m choosing a good friend and fellow blogger It’s Skye! Skye started her blog back in February 2017 and has written posts about many different topics such as, body confidence, make up, packing essentials, skincare and revision tips – there is definitely something for everyone!


Skye recently posted an update about where she has been explaining that she’s moved out, gotten into second year at college and was working full time over summer but really wants to get back into a blogging routine. To check out that post click here. To check out other posts from Skye click here!


(She has Instagram too)

To sum it up – I have chosen Skye as my Blogger of the week simply because she makes good content and I believe that with a little support, her full motivation and passion for blogging will come back stronger than when she started!

Let me know if you like this little segment for my blog or you have anyone in particular you think I should check our and feature in a future post!

Until tomorrow,

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