I'm having a bit of writers block at the moment and so I thought I'd pull out a good old tag - The Self Love Tag to be exact! Self love is a term that kinda gets thrown around a lot, this year especially but what the hell is it? It can be defined at "regard … Continue reading THE SELF LOVE TAG


Welcome to my second collab of the month and this one is very different for my page! I believe this Tag was created by Ariel Bissett & Estee Lalonde and to check out the video click here. Now a little bit about Amy! ^ This is Amy! Amy and I have actually been friends for … Continue reading BLOGMAS DAY 16 | MAKE UP BOOK TAG WITH AMY TALKS BOOKS


Would it be Blogmas without a good old Christmas Tag! I have taken the tag questions from a fellow blogger Quite Simply Stella so please head over to her blog and check out her answers too! P.S her one is prettier! 1. Who makes Christmas Day special for you?  My family do! I don't think I could … Continue reading BLOGMAS DAY 12| THE CHRISTMAS TAG


MERRRRYYYY CHRRIISSTMAAS! Hello everyone and welcome back! Posting a day earlier than normal purely because its I wanted to post a Christmas post on Christmas day! I hope you are all having a magical day filled with mince pies, turkey and family! Today I thought I'd do more of a 'get to know me' post … Continue reading THE CHRISTMAS TAG

The Real Neat Blog Award

Hello Everyone! I've been nominated to do this award by the lovely Shani over at Pretty Little Flirt so please go check her out! I was nominated a while ago and I apologise for the huge delay in this. Heres the rules: Thank and link the blogger who nominated you (they deserve recognition, very important!) Answer the … Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award

Liebster Award Round 3

Good morning! I've been nominated for my THIRD Liebster Award. Can't even express how grateful I am! Huge thank you to the lovely Bervin for nominating me to do this!  Click on her name and it will take you straight over to her Liebster Award post x The Rules: Thank the blogger that nominated you Write 11 … Continue reading Liebster Award Round 3

Restarting my make up collection?!

So basically I've stolen this post idea from Stephanie! Check her post out at: Starting from scratch make up kit.  It is such a good post and definitely one to read! Imagine your entire house gets flooded and all your make up is washed away and destroyed - you have literally lost hundreds of pounds worth of … Continue reading Restarting my make up collection?!

One Lovely Blog Award

Happy Friday you lovely bunch!  I am incredibly thankful to Claudia from Claudiamariefit for nominating me to do the One Lovely Blog Award Tag.  Claudia has a beautiful blog and you really have to check it out before you continue to read on!  I love being nominated for these things because it means you can get to know … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award