December 16, 2018

Welcome to my second collab of the month and this one is very different for my page! I believe this Tag was created by Ariel Bissett & Estee Lalonde and to check out the video click here.


Now a little bit about Amy!

^ This is Amy! Amy and I have actually been friends for 6 around years or so as we went to school together. She has always been an absolute book geek and I’ve never gotten into books however it was our love of Pizza that really brought us together! Amy Talks Books was created in April 2016 and as the title of her blog suggests she writes reviews on the many different books that she has read.

Our friendship has been through it all. From walks in the park to our first night out together and even a wee trip to Tenerife 💕

Let’s get into the tag, shall we? So basically, for each question I will be answering the Make-up side and Amy shall be answering the book side. By reading both you’ll end up with a list of my holy grail make up products and 12 books to check out! P.S this is a long one so grab a cuppa and some snacks!

1. Primer; Pick a book that left a lasting impression

My holy grail primer has got to be the Optical Illusion Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer from Urban Decay. This primer has a light pink tint to it, which helps to illuminate the skin but with a matte finish. It feels super soft on the skin rather than greasy or siliconey which is great. At £24 it is quite pricey, but you truly do not need a lot to cover a full face and I personally think it makes a massive difference to the look and longevity of my makeup.

2. Foundation; Pick your favourite first book in a series

This one is easy – the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops! I haven’t really raved too much about this foundation and I’m not sure why because it is the best foundation I have used in years! I am actually on my 4th bottle and I am someone who usually doesn’t finish foundations. This foundation is a medium coverage foundation which is light on the skin and incredibly effective. I find that this foundation leaves my skin looking flawless and natural looking at the same time and to me that is the goal. Another winning fact about this foundation is that it costs a tiny £7 per bottle!!

3. Concealer; Pick a character you wish you could get rid of

A long term favourite that I am always drawn back to is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I’ve used this concealer for years and I’m not saying it is the most full coverage concealer out there but for the price (£4.19) it truly does the job. It covers up dark under eyes without looking caked or cracking which for me is all I need it to do.

4. Powder; Pick your favourite last book in a series

Powder is not something I have ever really experimented with purely because I am happy with the Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder. I bought this for the first time when I was like 16 and have never really looked back! It is £3.99 and mattifies the face well.

5. Eyebrows; Pick a book you think everyone should read

I have tried dozens of different brow products but my go to product is definitely the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. I love how precise this little pencil is and the fact it comes with a spoolie too which helps to make your brows look full but natural too. My brows are very dark and so for me there is a fine line between full brows and block brows!

6. Eyeshadow; Pick a book with your favourite colour

Last year James bought me 7 Juvias Place palettes and they have changed my life! They are so soft, so easy to blend and so bloody pigmented! If I had to choose one palette that I reach for the most it would be the Nubian 2 palette for sure! It has a mix of mattes and shimmers and some pops of colour too.

7. Eyeliner; Pick a dark and mysterious book

I’m pretty useless when it comes to eyeliner – just don’t have a steady enough hand or enough patience to practice! Saying that when I do, I opt for The Body Shops Skinny Felt Liner. I actually got this in the Christmas Advent Calendar last year!

8. Blush; Pick a book with a cringy romance

For maybe 2 years now I’ve been using the Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush in the shade score which is a beautiful pink/peach colour with some shimmer. I use this on the daily however at £21 it is anything but affordable in my opinion. For me, it is definitely one of my ‘treat yourself’ make up items.

9. Highlighter; Pick a book that brightens your day

This palette has been raved about for quite some time and I think it still deserves to be rated highly! My go to highlighter palette is the Sleek Solstice Highlighter Palette and at £9.99 I think everyone should own it! It contains 4 shades; 1 cream formula, 2 baked powders and one shimmer powder – all of which are beautiful!

10. Lipstick; Pick your favourite book kiss

I am a big fan of a Jeffree lip so it won’t be a surprise that my all-time fav lipstick is the Jeffree X Manny Mua Velour Lipstick in I’m Shook. It is a super beautiful burnt red colour that I think is a great everyday and glam colour! I’ve included a link to this one however it pains me to say that this is not available and if you know the tea then you know it probably will never be available again!

11. Contour; Pick a book that needs some shaping

I can’t say I do much in the way of contouring – I’ve just never been good at it! However I do use the Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit in Light. This kit is £29.50 which is pretty steep although the shades work for me well. I mix the contour and bronzer shade together which I’m sure some MUAs would be horrified at but hey, it works for me!

12. Mascara; pick a long book

I am yet to find a holy grail mascara to be honest. I kinda chop and change every few months but right now I am using the Benefit Roller Lash. At £21.50 this mascara is not cheap but it does give you lift and volume. My main downside with this mascara is it tends to make your lashes go a bit clumpy which some people like so just bare that in mind if you buy it.

Did I go into too much detail?? Sorry!

Make sure you head over to Amy’s blog to read all of her book answers!

Until tomorrow,

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