December 8, 2018


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I find buying gifts for guys the most difficult job so if you are anything like me then hopefully this will help you too.

1. Clothing / Socks / Underwear

This is a basic! Sometimes guys can be needing a little nudge into some new jeans or t shirts or hate throwing away those old holey socks and buying new ones so it’s just easier to do it for them! ASOS is a fab place for it all. They have loads of brands to suit everyone’s taste and at many different price points too!

2. Wireless Phone Charger

Of course this probably won’t apply to everyone as it is a relatively new bit of tech for phones but these are a great. Completely gimmicky but ideal for tech lovers. This one from Amazon is really good quality and holds the fast charge function for Samsung mobiles too. Unfortunately the one I purchased seems to be no longer available so I have not linked a specific brand. I highly suggest reading the reviews thoroughly before purchasing.

3. Suitcase / Travel Bag / Wash bag


Everyone needs a suitcase or some form of bag for either abroad holidays or just a weekend away. This one from Getting is a great size and with the added touch of the persons initials I think it makes a lovely gift all year round.

Following the theme of travels I think a wash bag is a great gift that can be kept for years to come. There is nothing worse than having your toothpaste or shampoo burst but at least in a wash bag it is completely contained. It can also be nice to fill a wash bag with mini products for the person to take with them.

4. Some sort of Massage Gadget


There are so many forms of massage gadgets these days whether it’s for your back, head or feet.  My boyfriend quite often gets tense eyes and headaches so I managed to find an eye massager! I purchased this one through Amazon from a company called Naipo.  It has 3 different settings and seems to really do the trick in de-stressing tense eyes. I paid £40 for the gadget however it is worth noting that the price seems to change often!

5. Experience Days

Whether it be a helicopter ride, a fast car experience or a spa day guys tend to love an activity and they seem to remember these gifts too! This kind of gift is most definitely on the pricier side but there are plenty of websites that offer great deals! Buy a gift, Red Letter DaysVirgin Experience Days, and Prezzy Box are a just few!

I hope that these gift idea’s give you some inspiration on what to get your dad, brother, son or boyfriend this year! Also please leave any other gift ideas in the comments 😊

See you again tomorrow!

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