Okay so, I am pretty far from being a fashion blogger however today I am teaming up with Kirsty Jarvie to bring you some fashion related content! Since it is Christmas Jumper day, it made sense to do a Christmas jumper post. If you want to know more about Christmas jumper day then click here. Kirsty is … Continue reading BLOGMAS DAY 14 | STYLING CHRISTMAS JUMPERS


So yeah, this one maybe isn't Christmas related content but it something I want to start doing on my blog weekly through this month and hopefully carry it through 2019 too.  I want to start sharing with you guys who my favourite bloggers/youtubers are and what a better way than through a blog post dedicated to … Continue reading BLOGMAS DAY 3 | BLOGGER OF THE WEEK

The Body Shop Blogger Event vol.2

Hello everyone! Welcome back! You may remember around Christmas time I attended a blogger meet up at The Body Shop.  On the 24th of May I attended The Body Shops second event and it was great! I'm going to speak about the event and also the products that I purchased so grab a cuppa and get … Continue reading The Body Shop Blogger Event vol.2

The Moxy Aberdeen Hotel Launch

I have such a HUGE backlog of blog posts to get out to you guys so please bear with me! Near the end of last year I was invited to the opening of a brand new hotel to Aberdeen called The Moxy Hotel.  The hotel is based at Aberdeen Airport in Dyce which is great if you … Continue reading The Moxy Aberdeen Hotel Launch

Liebster Award x2

It is so crazy that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award AGAIN!  Big thank you to the lovely girls Bervin and Lucy over at Beebeautifulll.  If you haven't already checked out their blog then you really have to, I am obsessed ❤ The Rules Acknowledge the blogger that nominated you Answer the questions Nominate … Continue reading Liebster Award x2

Beauty Blogger Tag

WOW! My third tag!  I love doing these because I get to share a little bit more information about myself with you guys and I also get to learn a lot about you too.  I shall start by saying a massive thank you to Thatsallistyle for tagging me.  Alli has a great blog and you should definitely … Continue reading Beauty Blogger Tag

Fitness Friday Post 2

(22nd April 2016) Oh no! Fitness Friday going up on a Saturday!? Sorry guys I completely did not have the time to put this post up yesterday as I went to the Theatre to see my friend perform in Michty Mia which was absolutely incredible!So where do I begin? I finally joined a gym for … Continue reading Fitness Friday Post 2