December 22, 2018

I’ll be honest, I’m starting to get writers block!! Posting everyday is really tough! Since I’m struggling so much I thought why not talk about my winter travels.

2 years ago my best friend Zoe (I know you’re reading this Zo and I’m sorry I couldn’t get the dots!!) asked if I fancied going on a wee trip for New Year and of course I had to say yes. Zo suggested Prague since neither of us had been and with very little hesitation we booked it.

We decided that we wanted an apartment rather than a hotel just so we had a bit more freedom. We had been suggested a few from friends and opted for Penzion Cube Neumann (Praha). We ended up being on the top floor and the apartment was nice enough! It was relatively low priced which I think is because we were quite far out from the city centre – it took about 20 minutes from our apartment to city centre on the tram.

Since we were there in December we managed to see the Christmas market which was just beautiful. There was stalls with food, with alcohol and there was donkeys too.

The views, whether the sun was shining or snow was falling, were absolutely amazing! Just be aware that if you’re in Prague in December, you are opening yourself up to temperatures of -5 and colder!! On hogmany it reached -10! Saying that, we all know how to combat the cold…

MULLED WINE! Literally everywhere we went in Prague sold mulled wine and I don’t think either of us have ever been happier. It was soo good! I would highly recommend Prague to anyone who is after a winter adventure – there is so much history to discover too.


Last year  we went to Bali in the summer so decided to stay a little closer to home for New Year. We chose London based on the fact that Zoe is an expert on London and I hadn’t visited London properly since I was a child.

As with Prague, we had hoped to get an apartment however London is bloody expensive and so we chose to stay at a Travel Lodge in Covent Garden which turned out much better than we expected. Not only was it cheap but our room was comfy and had plenty of space too – highly recommend. Be aware that they charge different rates per night so it may catch you out.

London was definitely nowhere near as cold as Prague which made the days much easier however both Zoe and I had been struck with illness literally the day before we left. I was on antibiotics and painkillers which meant I couldn’t drink at all which spoiled 80% of our plans but we carried on.

We figured since we were in London, we had to visit the Winter Wonderland!


It really was beautiful although FAR too busy for my liking. Since it was so busy we decided to grab some drinks and sit down. Zoe of course was enjoying hot cider and mulled wine while I sat with a bottle of water HOWEVER, since Zoe is such a fabulous friend she managed to get me some hot apple juice which fully made my night. If you haven’t tried hot apple juice then trust me when I say – you need to!! Costa have a hot spiced apple juice right now which is amazing.

On the 31st Zoe gave me my Christmas present – a Breaking Bad themed cocktail making experience. Although neither of us have ever watched Breaking Bad the experience just sounded too cool to pass up on.

I won’t give away too much in case you decide to go for yourself and you can check it out here. Like I said, I couldn’t drink so the guys were more than accommodating with making sure I had a great experience but alcohol free! After the experience we went out for dinner and then watched the fireworks which were truly spectacular.


As a kid, I always thought the idea of winter/cold holidays were stupid but after 2 years of having them I have realised that I love them just as much as summer/hot holidays! It can be much cheaper to go away in December – even with the festive periods. Grab a warm coat and a woolly hat and you’ll be golden.

This year we are going to Berlin and are both super excited about it! If you have any recommendations of what we can do while we are there then please leave it in the comments!

I hope you’ve liked this little review of my travels and let me know your favourite places to travel too.

See you tomorrow,

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