The Moxy Aberdeen Hotel Launch

January 31, 2017

I have such a HUGE backlog of blog posts to get out to you guys so please bear with me!


Near the end of last year I was invited to the opening of a brand new hotel to Aberdeen called The Moxy Hotel.  The hotel is based at Aberdeen Airport in Dyce which is great if you are travelling.  I’ve never been to a launch party before but if they are all like this one was I definitely want to go to more! It was honestly so fun!

So lets talk a little bit about the history of The Moxy.

The first hotel opened in Milan and has slowly started to open up at lots of different worldwide locations! There are currently 9 open hotels in; Milan, Arizona, New Orleans, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Aberdeen, London and Nashville.  They also have plans to open almost 50 more by the end of 2018!! The Moxy is classed as a boutique hotel and it certainly was different! They pride themselves on promoting free-spirited behaviours, ie, just being yourself! I also think it is pretty cool that you can do key-less entry  to your room with your smartphone!

img_3408On arrival we were shown to the bar which had a selection of cocktails which were all free and very delicious!  There was also fridges full of champagne, wine and 2 types of beer; Salitos – a tequila based beer – and there partnership beer by Fierce Beers. img_3429Again this was all free. As much as I don’t like beer I did enjoy Salitos which is very similar to Desperados. img_3431

The hotel itself was of course very quirky in nature and has the bright magenta pink theme running through-out the hotel.

It honestly just felt like being in a club!! It was so surreal.

After the owner of Moxy had made a speech we were allowed to go upstairs and have a sneak peak into some of the rooms – yes this does sound a little boring but I can assure you, you will be as shocked as I was!

img_3418 To start with, the elevators all had writing across the mirrors promoting the hotels spirit!

img_3419But we headed to the third floor as instructed!

img_3421One room was absolutely full of balloons!

img_3426There was a pillow fight going on in another! (Definitely glad I am not the one having to tidy that up!!)

And in the last one….

… There was an employee doing some improv performing!

In all seriousness though the room were lovely! Very spacious and modern especially at such a low price.

Feeling hungry? Well this party had you covered, they even gave you a choice!

img_3413The famous The Bay chipper or


a bowl of delicious FreshMex nachos covered in chicken or pulled pork!

I opted for pulled pork nachos and was surprised to see them use a blow torch to melt the cheese! How cool is that?!

If hot food wasn’t for you then they still had one more option… A pick’n’mix table filled with sweets and freebies too. There was a choice of sweet and savoury for this pick’n’mix so like I said they truly had your wants and needs covered!








There were two lovely ladies who came around with marker pens and asked you to sign their suits, not something you would expect in a hotel but all part of what makes Moxy special!  During the speech the owner had told us that this happens at every launch and the suits will be hung up in the lobby for everyone to see. Not weird, just tradition.img_3430

I have to give it to them though, I don’t think I would have felt comfortable letting people write all over me!

On the topic of strange things at a hotel launch, here’s another one!

A tattoo artist was there! Yup, you read that! A REAL tattoo artist doing REAL tattoos! The guy in the picture having a tattoo done was a manager at the hotel and was actually getting “#atthemoxy” tattoo’d across his arm.  Dedication or what?!

To end a great night the Red Hot Chilli Pipers – a famous scottish pipe rock band played!  I had never seen them live before and oh my, they were amazing!  They played covers of well known songs and even had a couple of battles between each other.  They definitely knew how to please an audience and I truly hope I get to see them again soon!


I had a great night with great company and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! Huge thanks to the crew at Moxy for inviting us and making us feel welcomed!

For more information about the Moxy or to even book a room, click here!

Lots of love,




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