April 11, 2019

This is something a little different for the blog but today I wanted to write about a charity that I have worked closely with for around 4 years now. That charity is Ronald McDonald House Charity.

There is a good chance you’ve never heard of RMHC before or what the do because before I started working at my local McDonald’s I had never heard of them either. When I became a manager my secondary responsibility was charity. This meant it was up to me to host fundraising events in and out of the store such as;

A Jungle Themed day,


A football game between two stores,


A pub quiz,

And I even managed to get a team of 10 to take part in Tough Mudder which raised over £1000 in itself! This money managed to help fund 26 nights of free accommodation to families.

So what does the charity do? 

In short, they give families somewhere to stay while their children are sick in hospital.  They aim to maintain some degree of normal life to families whilst their children are undergoing medical treatment. The charity understand that it is a stressful time when your child is sick and they are there to help support families going through this difficult time by hosting fun activities and also just simply being available for a chat over a cuppa. “According to a report by BLISS, families with a sick baby in hospital can face unexpected extra expenses of up to £2,000 per hospital visit” £2000 per visit, is a lot of money for one family to cope with so through general fundraising the charity allows families to eliminate that cost almost completely! Over on the RMHC website you can find a number of compelling stories about families that are using the charity everyday and are incredibly grateful that the service exists.

Back in August 2018 I left my part-time job at McDonald’s but my loyalty to the charity has not. My friend and also ex McDonald employee have signed up to the Edinburgh Marathon Festivals 5K which takes place on May 25th. We have of course decided to raise money for RMHC! Our goal is to raise £300 between us and if you would like to sponsor us then please donate here. Donations don’t have to be big to make a difference! 

Have you or anyone you know used RMHC? Let me know your story 😊

Until next time,

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