June 17, 2019

[post contains gifted items from Femme Luxe Finery]


I’ve never been overly adventurous with my fashion choices despite really wanting to. I tend to opt for black skinny jeans, a baggy t-shirt and some good old Vans – maybe my Converse if I’m feeling particularly courageous that day!

I’ve said a few times this year that I’m going to take more risks with my fashion and I generally do for like a weekend and then I go back to my comfort zone! I used to be pretty good at keeping up the latest and greatest trends back when I was a skinny size 8/10 but since gaining weight I really felt like I couldn’t be fashionable anymore – which I know now is outright ridiculous.

I’ve teamed up with Femme Luxe a few times now but this time I decided to go for items that I’ve never tried before and thought that I would never be able to pull off at my size…

Camo Queen


Okay… I am for sure not the next ‘Insta baddie’ but I bloody love these!! These are the Camo Cargo Slim Fit Trouser in Grey. I keep seeing girls all over Instagram wearing camo skirts and trousers and they look unreal! It’s such a throwback yet bad-ass look and I’ve been itching to try it.

These trousers are super stretchy, comfy and pretty versatile too! I chose to style them with a neon green/yellow cami top (which was a £6 bargain from Asda by the way!) and some chunky Dr. Marten style sandals. You can also style them with some chunky trainers for a more casual look or some strapy sandal heels for a night out. 

Preppy Chic


Next up is the Black Check Wide Strap Pinafore. This is so far from my style! First off, it has a super low V cut at the front and back which normally I completely ignore but styled with a cute top underneath makes it much more wearable!

Something I absolutely have to point out is that THIS IS A SIZE 16!! A small size 16 but a size that I have never seen featured on the Femme Luxe website before so it would appear that they are improving their range!

I wasn’t sure that I was going to like this Pinafore but I really love it! It’s a little snug around my waist and the straps are too big but losing a few pounds and taking in the straps and I’ll be fully obsessed! I think in the winter time it could be styled with thick tights, a black jumper and some boots and it’ll look fab too.

Mom Jean Lovin’


Mom jeans are very on trend right now and they look so comfy but I’ve always shy’d away from them out of fear that they would accentuate my thighs and bum.  I’ve never tried any jeans from Femme Luxe before but these are the Light Wash Ripped Mom Jeans and I am so incredibly surprised at how great these are!  The denim is thick but has some stretch too and the rips aren’t extreme either.

I’m not convinced that they are the most flattering on my figure but honestly I don’t care??? They are super easy to chuck on with a baggy tee or a hoodie and some trainers and you’re good to go! I did opt for these in a size 14 which is the biggest size on offer but I definitely could have gone for a 16 for them to fit just perfectly.

Bodycon Babe


Bodycon is a style I absolutely avoid but why?? It’s kinda been ingrained into my mind that if you’re over a certain size then you aren’t supposed to wear anything tight or cropped but screw it.

I decided to style the Light Wash Denim Button Down Dress with a red belt for a pop of colour, tights and some black hi-top converse. I was completely self conscious all day however I genuinely loved this outfit. The denim was soft and stretchy and fitted like a glove.

Again this dress is super versatile which is always a bonus especially since I am trying to cut down on the amount of clothing I buy! You can wear it super casual or throw on some heels and head out for some cocktails with the girls!


Being photo-bombed by the cutest little pup

I had so much fun experimenting with different styles and I’ve noticed then every time I try something new I get a little boost of confidence that inspires me to try even more trends and refine my own personal style.

It’s important to remember that no matter what shape or size you are, you can wear whatever the hell you want. If you feel good and happy in something then you should absolutely wear it! You can rock a crop top at a size 6 or 26 – It’s about how you feel, not what others think 🙂

Fancy reading more about my fashion experimenting journey? Why not check out my post all about different ways to style leopard print.

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  • Reply Emme June 17, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Love these outfits!! Especially the camo trousers – I really want to get a pair of those! & Mom jeans are so nice! I recently got a pair and I love them, can’t believe I relied on skinny for so long!

    • Reply Holly Da Silva June 18, 2019 at 6:51 am

      They’re pretty cool huh! I’ve seen so many brands selling their variations but I really loved the idea of grey camo over green!

      They are just so comfy and relaxed! xx

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