Fitness Friday

April 29, 2016

Sorry for such a late post today guys!

This will be an incredibly short but sweet update.  I’ve been trying to get to the gym at least twice a week and I have to say I am really enjoying it (and buying lots of nice gym clothes!!)  Kirsty, Jack and myself went to a spin class on Wednesday and wow! It was super tough!  I would really recommend it if you want to strengthen up your legs.  Unfortunately, during the class I hurt my knee which meant I couldn’t do much after the class.

I really haven’t been strict with my eating habits – I’m still eating too many snacks and convenient junk food.  With all considering I have still managed to lose 2 pounds which personally I am proud of since I haven’t really put all my energy into it.  Once my exams are over I am definitely going to sit down and make myself weekly food plans in order to keep myself on track!


As I said in my previous post Jack is going to feature in my journey and he has amazingly lost 1 pound in the past week which is great!  Jack’s mindset for working out is absolutely incredible and the last time we were there he managed to do an amazing 7.5 miles on the bikes in 30 minutes!!  I have complete faith that Jack is going to reach each and every target that he sets from himself!

Are you on a health kick at the moment? Let me know how you are doing or any tips to keep motivated!


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