Spontaneous Day Trips

May 20, 2016

Morning guys!

Since I am depriving you all of yet another Fitness Friday post I thought I would let you know about my day out!  Again there is no Fitness Friday due to being exam time and letting myself go.  I haven’t been to the gym in over a week however my next PT session is on Tuesday so there will definitely be a post next week!

So on Wednesday (18th) James and I decided that since we are both finished with exams we would have a day out! We thought about Edinburgh Zoo or the Cinemas however we ended up out at Fort William and Glen Nevis! By the time we got back home we had done over 400 miles in the car!


We got up at 9 and went to Sports Direct to get James some proper walking boots as we decided we were going to trek around Glen Nevis.  Hill Climbing is a recent hobby for James and I but it is just an enjoyable thing to do and it is also KILLER on your legs!


As we were driving to the car park we saw so many lambs!  I desperately wanted to pet one but was unsuccessful so a cute picture worked instead.  I kid you not we have about 30 photos of the sheep!!

(What I’m wearing: Back Pack – Adidas, Tshirt and Hoodie – Topshop, Leggings and Boots – Tesco.com)

Tried to get some photos of the one of many waterfalls around Glen Nevis.  Every time we go out for walks James teaches me a little more about my camera because as of yet – I’m useless at taking fully manual pictures!


About 10 minutes into our walk, James made a new friend!

I really enjoy going out for these kind of walks because they are so peaceful and it gives you a chance to clear your mind.  We started our walk at about 4pm so there really wasn’t anyone around.  It also gives James and I proper quality time alone without phones and computers to distract us which we are all guilty of!!


Can’t have a walk without a stupid photo of myself!

I really don’t think my pictures capture how lovely Glen Nevis is.  Yes I do agree that a lot of it just looks dead but honestly it is worth the visit. Promise!

After sinking in lots of marshy puddles, slipping through mu, getting soaked and trying to cross a river we eventually made it back to the car 2 and a half hours later!  Safe to say my wee legs were knackered!

We decided to take the long way home through Glencoe which again is just breathtaking.  Unfortunately the sun had started to go down so we didn’t get very many good pictures.

After an intense walk and a long drive back we got home at about 11pm and we both had the best sleep ever!!

Guys, if you ever have a chance to do hill walks I really suggest it.  It’s good exercise, it’s peaceful and the views are stunning especially on a sunny day.


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