November 22, 2018

img_20181119_083315_9302531026432296459241.jpgSince working full time it has been pretty difficult spending real quality time with James and so we decided it was time to have a little getaway! Normally, we head to the west coast sort of areas but this trip we decided to go somewhere a little busier… Glasgow.

We started our journey at around 8am – it was supposed to be earlier but honestly we were happy for the sleep in! Our first stop was the Science Centre. Neither of us had ever been before and I had a few people say it was worth going. Ticket prices were pretty average – £11.50 for an adult and £9.50 for a student. The lady at the ticket desk was an absolute gem and gave us student tickets because ‘we looked like students’. I for one was not complaining!

This place was bloody huge! I truly underestimated everyone when they told me we would need a good few hours there. The first floor was filled with lots of little exhibits including illusions, light, sound and just general trickery of the mind. The other floors focused more on quantum science, renewable energy and the human body.

I would highly recommend going even if you don’t think you’d enjoy it, I can promise you that there will be something that peaks your interest!

After the Science Centre we took a saunter back to our hotel to check in and just lazed about for an hour before getting ready to go for dinner.

I was very kindly invited to The Spiritualist Glasgow to have a taste of their menu and cocktails – I won’t go into too much details about this because there will be a full blog post going live next week about my visit! What I will say is that it is so different from Aberdeen!

The next day we again slept in later than we had planned and checked out at 11am. James being the car geek that he is really wanted to visit the Transport Museum. It is free to enter, they just ask that you leave a kind donation to help with the upkeep.


Turns out that I again had a better time than I thought I would! There was cars, buses, trains and bikes from through-out many generations and most of the exhibits were interactive for all ages. I think the thing I loved the most about this places was all the mock shops that they had and how detailed they were. You could actually go into the mock shops and see what it would have been like years ago in clothing stores, an old pub, ice-cream parlor, train station, toy shop and many more!

Half way through looking around the museum we headed outside for some air. We then came across an old ship that again was free to go on and they just asked for a donation.  I can’t say I was too interested at the beginning but it was genuinely quite fascinating seeing everything. I was fully amazed at the sheer size of it! From above the sea it looked quite small however I think we went down about 4 flights of stairs looking at all the levels! It even had a cafe in the middle!

After all the learning we had done we decided it was time for a sweet treat before making the trek back home and of course we made a flying visit to Tantrum Doughnuts. This was one place that I was adamant that we had to visit while in Glasgow purely because I love doughnuts and I see them on Instagram daily! They did not disappoint! I opted for the Pistachio and Hibiscus doughnut and James picked a Millionaires Shortbread doughnut. Both were very tasty and it took a hell of a lot of strength to not buy a box to take home with us!

And just like that, we have come to the end of my quick weekend getaway! It was so nice not having to rush around here, there and everywhere and just being able to do things at our own pace.  It was also lovely to just have some quality time together at long last!

Bye for now,

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