February 4, 2019

* This is a sponsored post with Your Pilates. I was gifted a free trial of the service and no payment. All opinions are my own and not persuaded by the brand in any way *

As someone who suffers with constant back pain I have often been told to try Pilates or Yoga but it isn’t something I have really looked into too much – other than the Yoga through Wii Fit!

I’ve always kind of thought that Pilates and Yoga were the same thing however upon research there are some definite differences however some of the poses are the same so it’s an easy mistake to make.

So now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s add in another one; Clinical Pilates!

“Clinical Pilates is different from regular Pilates practice as it is led by a qualified physiotherapist, who has a deeper knowledge of the body and its injuries/pathologies, including how this can affect the movement of the body. Clinical Pilates is particularly effective for people with an injuries or pain-related conditions, as exercises are adapted to take this into account and help with pain management and recovery.” –

Your Pilates Physio is a subscription service that allows individuals to partake in clinical Pilates from the comfort of your own home. The idea created by Lyndsay Hirst who qualified as a physiotherapist in 2003. She has extensive experience helping people with physical injuries and conditions such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain.


As I said previously, I suffer with back pain so honestly when I read the email Your Pilates Physio I just knew it was something I had to try so I very swiftly set up an account – which was incredibly easy. I answered a few questions on where my pains were located and just like that I was given videos recommended for me.


Each video alerts you to how long it lasts and also a warning of who the video may not be suitable for i.e some videos have poses that requires you to be on your knees and it is not recommended for someone who has a knee replacement.


My favourite video so far has been the Spine Loosener for sure. It has been helping to stretch out my spine / back and in turn has significantly reduced the pain in my back already. The exercises are so simple to do that you don’t really feel like it’s a work out! They are also easy to remember so there are a few poses that I actually do at work if I am ever feeling any pain in my back – I look insane but honestly I don’t care!

For an annual subscription to the website it is £120 or you can pay £12.99 per month – whatever suits you best really. There is an offer for a 14 day free trial to make sure that you will definitely get the good of the service! I of course have a cheeky little discount code for you! By imputing Holly19 at the checkout, you can get 25% off either the monthly or yearly plan which I think is very generous! (I don’t receive anything from you using this code, it’s all for you)

Are you into Yoga or Pilates? Let me know 😃

See you soon,

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  • Reply Lipstick and late nights February 4, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    This sounds fab! I’ve been doing both yoga and pilates at the gym, but I definitely prefer pilates for the physical benefits. So good for my back! ❤

    • Reply Holly Da Silva February 5, 2019 at 8:29 am

      It’s just nice to not feel so tense all the time haha! Definitely something I want to keep going with x

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