February 14, 2019


I’m kind of at that stage where I do think that Valentines Day is more of a money making scheme for businesses but to be honest, any excuse for a date night is completely welcomed! As I explained in my Valentines Day Outfits post, James and I don’t generally do anything for Valentine Day. Instead we roll our anniversary and valentines day celebrations into one and have a weekend away in January. Saying that James actually has the evening off tonight so we decided to book a table at Maggies Grill – YUM!

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Booking a restaurant can be tricky especially if you’re trying today! A lot of places need to be booked a minimum of a week before vday to stand a chance! Never fear, I’ve come up with a list of 5 last minute ideas that you can do to celebrate vday with your loved one.

Movie Night

Movie nights are great! Get your fav Pj’s on, light some candles, crack open a cider and watch your favourite movies – make it romantic ones if you want to stick to the vday vibe! I have to admit, I do love a good Rom Com so my movie choices would be; You’ve Got Mail, Love Actually or La La Land. Of course, you don’t have to theme it romantically you could go for scary movies, action movies or go all out Disney!

Cook Together

James and I actually really enjoy cooking together but with both of us still living with our parents we don’t often get to do it. When we do cook it is generally a good steak dinner with all the trimmings but we do also like to try the Buzzfeed One Pot Dinners. They are usually super easy and one pot means less cleaning up!

Honey Garlic Chicken

Why not check out Kirsty’s Veggie Sticky Honey and Garlic Chicken recipe 😍

Game Night

From board games to computer games a game night is a good way to spend time with your loved one. I do love a good board game in particular Pug-opoly – it’s Monopoly but with pugs… amazing! You could also be a bit daring and get one of those couples board games if it takes your fancy.

Go for a Walk

It maybe sounds boring but going for an evening stroll can be lovely. It gives you and your loved one a chance to just chat. You could maybe even plan your route to stop for a coffee or a drink at your local.


Spa Night

Everyone loves to be pampered so why not do it at home on the cheap! Grab some face masks, bath bombs and massage oils, light a few candles and simply relax. You could go all out and buy fancier equipment like back massagers or a foot spa but they can be pretty expensive. James and I have been enjoying the Faberlic Juicy Mix Face Masks at the moment!

To be honest you can do any of these with a partner, friend or family member! So what will your plans be? Let me know in the comments 😊

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  • Reply Khanak February 14, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    I love these little date ideas and the fact that they are all super budget-friendly! Great post.

    Khanak x

    • Reply Holly Da Silva February 15, 2019 at 8:17 am

      I’m glad you like them! Thanks for reading ❤ x

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