July 18, 2019

It’s back with a BANG! The Lady Boys of Bangkok have returned to Aberdeen with their big pink tent, glitzy costumes and racey dance numbers! I was lucky enough to be invited along to their opening night and did so with Kirsty and our partners for a bit of a twist on a double date night.


Celebrating 21 amazing years of performing they cleverly themed their show The Greatest Showgirls. Despite what you might think this is not a tribute to the ever popular The Greatest Showman. Instead, it celebrates the biggest divas we love including Madonna, Whitney Houston, Rihanna and of course Beyonce – just to name a few!



The night is filled with fun, glamour, sexiness and smiles! From start to finish The Lady Boys have the whole audience engaged. Looking around you can see everyone singing, dancing, having a few drinks too many and just having a great night. The show does not just end at the stage – the performers make use of the floor among the tables and the bar top too!


Ladies, beware. If you take your man with you – he is not safe! There is a number of comedic routines that include pulling up your innocent man from the crowd and usually blindfolding him. I guarantee you’ll have more fun if you just get involved!



It wid nae be a night oot in Scotland with-oot a kilt! Our night was ended with some Scottish classics and the team did a fab job at a highland fling! It truly had everyone up on their feet!

How can you go see it??

The Lady Boys of Bangkok are in Aberdeen until Saturday 27th of July so you better grab tickets while you still can! Tickets are available online from here or can be purchased from the ticket office at the Sabai Pavilion.

Tickets start from £18 (for students, £24.50 for the rest of us) and can go up to £38 for premium seating. If you are going for a special occasion you can book yourself onto an exclusive Champagne table  for £400! Again head over to The Lady Boys website here to read more!

What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets and make a night of it!

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