March 18, 2021

[Post contains gifted wax melts from G & P Melts. These were gifted on a friendly basis and there was no obligation to review or promote this product ]

Wax melts have become a huge trend over the past year or so. They come in many shapes, sizes and of course scents too. Despite this it hasn’t really been something I’ve ventured into very much. I’m a big candle hoarder with plenty of them to get through however I think my mind could be changed…

Group of G & P Wax Melt Heart

Who are G & P Melts ?

G & P stands for Greg and Premmaneeya the owners of the little business and also Stephen’s friends. They started up their business via facebook at the end of February 2021 and very kindly gifted us a few to try out. They offer a wide variety of different luxury inspired scents that are suited towards men and women and they come in heart melts or snap bars too.  Their products are all homemade with Soy Wax and they are happy to post all over the UK!

The scents that Stephen and I received were; Creed Aventus, Tom Ford F*cking Fabulous, Creed Silver Mountain, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, Lady Million and Opium Noir and honestly they are smell incredible.

G & P Wax Melt Hearts sitting on Flowers

I’ve always been a candle hoarder which sort of put me off the wax melt trend because I didn’t really understand why they were any different or better. If you’re like me then you tend to buy the bigger candles therefore you have the same scent day in and day out until it’s finished. With wax melts you can switch up what scent you want every day or depending on your mood too. This is definitely a bonus in my eyes!

I found that within minutes of burning one of these beautiful little hearts my living room was filled with the amazing scent. It also lasted for an impressive amount of time too which is a definite pro of the product!

How much do they cost?

I think that G & P Melts give great value for money! At £12 for 16 hearts, it’s fab for if you like to keep a good stock!

Price list for G & P Melts

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend G & P Melts for all your wax melts and snapbar needs! This is based on their wide variety of scents and the incredible pricing too!

I’ve added a little clip of me using the wax melts in my recent YouTube video.

To find their Facebook page click here.

Please do let me know if you make any purchases and leave your thought about them in the comments too!

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  • Reply Caroline March 30, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    I’ve not got a wax melt burner but I know so many people swear by them and say they are so much more economical! Definitely need to look into them, I feel like there are so many scents out there too xx


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