Recently my little blog turned 3 years old! I have had many ups and downs with my blog and lets be honest I've given up on it a few times too. Sometimes life gets in the way and learning that that is okay can be a real struggle. A struggle that I know I am … Continue reading 5 THINGS THAT I HAVE LEARNED FROM BLOGGING

The Real Neat Blog Award

Hello Everyone! I've been nominated to do this award by the lovely Shani over at Pretty Little Flirt so please go check her out! I was nominated a while ago and I apologise for the huge delay in this. Heres the rules: Thank and link the blogger who nominated you (they deserve recognition, very important!) Answer the … Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

Happy Friday you lovely bunch!  I am incredibly thankful to Claudia from Claudiamariefit for nominating me to do the One Lovely Blog Award Tag.  Claudia has a beautiful blog and you really have to check it out before you continue to read on!  I love being nominated for these things because it means you can get to know … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award