I'm having a bit of writers block at the moment and so I thought I'd pull out a good old tag - The Self Love Tag to be exact! Self love is a term that kinda gets thrown around a lot, this year especially but what the hell is it? It can be defined at "regard … Continue reading THE SELF LOVE TAG

Liebster Award Round 3

Good morning! I've been nominated for my THIRD Liebster Award. Can't even express how grateful I am! Huge thank you to the lovely Bervin for nominating me to do this!  Click on her name and it will take you straight over to her Liebster Award post x The Rules: Thank the blogger that nominated you Write 11 … Continue reading Liebster Award Round 3

Blogger Recognition Award

Huge thank you to The Chic Community for nominating me for this award!  If you haven’t already checked her out you really need to!  She is so young and super talented that you definitely need to follow and support her! X The Award Rules Write a post to show your award Mention the blogger who nominated … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award