Animal print is a massive trend right now and it isn't showing signs of leaving any time soon! As someone who is just starting to experiment with fashion and finding my perfect style I had to give animal print a go! I think out of all the prints, Leopard is the most common and the … Continue reading 3 WAYS TO STYLE LEOPARD PRINT

Precious Metal Lip Crayon Collection

Hello Hello! Welcome to another Wednesday post! As I mentioned in my Pixi Glow Review post, today's post will be a short review on Primarks Precious Metals Lip Crayon Collection.  I have a major back log of posts that I want to share with you guys so some of the products I'll be writing about lately … Continue reading Precious Metal Lip Crayon Collection

What’s in my handbag?

I don't know about you guys but I love knowing what people have in their handbags!  Why Holly, that's weird!?  Everyone has different things in their handbag and sometimes it's just a case of you hadn't thought about it before but reading that someone else has it makes you think "yes, I need to get … Continue reading What’s in my handbag?