What’s in my handbag?

April 28, 2016

I don’t know about you guys but I love knowing what people have in their handbags!  Why Holly, that’s weird!?  Everyone has different things in their handbag and sometimes it’s just a case of you hadn’t thought about it before but reading that someone else has it makes you think “yes, I need to get that!” Well maybe it’s just me?

I was clearing out my hand bag the other day and so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you guys my handbag and maybe there is something I have that you have never thought about keeping before!  I have tried my best in giving you guys links to the items but some are similar rather than exact due to not being for sale anymore.  Hope you enjoy!

I guess I should start off with the handbag itself.  This is a Mustard Yellow handbag from New Look and I think it was around £25 which personally I think is incredibly worth the money.  New Look are definitely a hit or a miss when looking for handbags but one thing i cannot fault is the quality.  For the price you pay the quality is amazing.  I use my handbags to death whether it be for work, college or just every day use and they hold up extremely well.


Unfortunately this bag is no longer available online at New Look so I can’t link it for you guys however I found this bag which is very similar: Mustard Yellow Handbag.

Next is my purse.  My purse is from River Island and I think it was around £17.  I adore this purse!  I just think the print is a little bit different from your average floral purses and it has a lot of card slots but without being too bulky.  River Island always have a great range of purses and reasonable prices so you should definitely go check them out!


Purses at River Island

PENS.  It is not a secret that I love buying stationery and pretty stationery at that!  Therefore I will always have a pretty pen or two in my bag and if not, well then thats an excuse to buy some more.  I have Staedtler colours pack which is usually for when I’m at college and doing notes or if I’m doodling in a notebook. I have my McDonalds Work pen, and the two floral pens are from Paper Chase.  Paper Chase has a lovely range of good quality pens but saying that it will drain your bank account!


Of course there has to be a range of lipsticks!  Before clearing out my bag I had a total of 8 lipsticks all just sitting in my bag from when I had used them and never put them back.  Now I have limited it down to just 3.  My Mac Viva Glam || which I pretty much wear every single day because I feel like it is just an easy to wear colour.  Natural Collection Lipstick in Cherry Red, this is a slightly dark red but still quite vibrant.  Whenever I need to feel slightly more ‘put together’ I find this one easy to chuck on and look fab.  Finally I have to have my Maybelline Baby Lips in Intense Care.  This is just a clear balm for whenever my lips are cracked or sore.


My glasses are always in my bag but I am very guilty of a) not having them in a case and b) just not wearing them at all!  My glasses are from a brand called Morgan and I really do love them.  They are lime green on the inside of the frame so you just see a hint of colour which I think is really cool.  I have a red pair that are similar.  I only really need my glasses for reading from any sort of distance but when I’m at college I tend to sit at the front of the class so I don’t have to wear them.  The only other times I wear my glasses are if I’m watching a film that has subtitles or if my head gets sore.


My battery pack is something that is quite new to my handbag and it is an absolute life saver.  I am constantly on my phone!  Whether I am texting, snap chatting or scrolling through various social media sites.  This means that my phone dies very very quickly but now I don’t have to worry!  Not only is this battery pack absolutely adorable but it is supposed to charge your phone fully twice over and it was totally inexpensive.  It is by a company called Trendz which I found at Tesco. (Link to battery pack)


I am a bit of a freak when it comes to clean hands and so I will ALWAYS carry around some sort of hand sanitiser for when I am out and about.  James and I often go out driving and stop to take pictures which means we end up touching plants or the ground so having hand sanitiser really saves the day.  I tend to only buy mine from Primark simply because they smell nice, they are a perfect size and they are only £1!  I am currently using Candy Apple.


The final thing I have in my handbag is of course my blog book.  I don’t leave the house without this book anymore because as soon as I get an idea for something I have to write it down straight away otherwise I will definitely forget.  I bought a bunch of these when I was on holiday in Tenerife from a shop called Ale-Hop.  Annoyingly, you can’t actually purchase anything from their website so I’ll have to wait until next year to buy some more.  The quality of these notebooks are so good and they have an almost ‘spongey’ feel to the cover which keeps it protected.  This particular notebook says ‘Great Things Start Small’  which I thought was perfect.


So, now you know what is in my handbag!  Let me know in the comments what you keep in your handbag and if there is anything I have that you have never thought about before!

Hope you are all doing well


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      Isn’t it!? Honestly I only buy purses from River Island because they are all really pretty

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    Check out my latest blog post. I tagged you!

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      Thank you so much!! X

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    💜 the vlog book x x

    Well done xxx

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    💜 the blog book x x

    Well done xxx

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      Thank you! It’s a definite must in my handbag!:) thanks for reading xxx

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