I haven't really done many personal posts but I felt like it was time to sit back and reflect on what this year has brought me. Of course there is always the basics of; having a roof over my head, food on the table and a loving family which I will be forever grateful for … Continue reading BLOGMAS DAY 15 | THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR THIS YEAR

Bloggers Story Award

Sorry for the delay on this post!  Huge thank you to the beautiful girls, Bervin and Lucy over at Beebeautifulll for kindly nominating me to do this award! These girls are incredible and their blog goes with it! Definitely worth checking them out x The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you Answer the questions Nominate 3+ … Continue reading Bloggers Story Award

What’s in my handbag?

I don't know about you guys but I love knowing what people have in their handbags!  Why Holly, that's weird!?  Everyone has different things in their handbag and sometimes it's just a case of you hadn't thought about it before but reading that someone else has it makes you think "yes, I need to get … Continue reading What’s in my handbag?

The Happiness Tag

I was nominated by the gorgeous Kirsty to do the Happiness Tag.  If you like beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts then I highly suggest that you go check out her blog!  She is a lovely person and an incredible blogger. 5 Things That Make You Happy Stationery - This may be a strange one but I … Continue reading The Happiness Tag