December 15, 2018


cropped-img_20181119_083315_9302531026432296459241.jpg I haven’t really done many personal posts but I felt like it was time to sit back and reflect on what this year has brought me.

Of course there is always the basics of; having a roof over my head, food on the table and a loving family which I will be forever grateful for but I want to focus on other things that have happened this year.

I’m grateful for;

  • Having the funds to visit beautiful places
  • Having a part-time job in McDonalds where I learnt a lot about cultures and gained confidence
  • Completing my fourth year dissertation (anyone who knows me will know it was a struggle!!)
  • Graduating with an Honours Degree in Management
  • Getting to see everyone in my family at least once; my dad lives in Kota Kinabalu, (Malaysia) and hadn’t been in the UK for around 4 years – he moved away when I was 14/15ish, my grandma and grandad live in Plymouth and my auntie lives in Derby. The rest of my family are dotted about Aberdeen so I see them a lot but my relatives down south are generally once a year and with my dad even less!
  • Meeting new friends especially within the blogging community
  • Having a boyfriend that deals with my every emotion
  • Completing my first ever Full Tough Mudder and raising over £1000 for RMHC with an incredible team
  • Obtaining my first full time job and starting a new career path
  • All the blogging opportunities which have helped towards my writing motivation
  • Seeing friends get engaged and married
  • Learning that it is okay to have bad days

There are many things in my life in general that I am grateful and these are just a list of a few. I can only hope that 2019 will continue to help me grow and appreciate the life I have around me 😊


Most definitely a bit of a cheesier post today that might make some of you cringe! Let me know in the comments what you are grateful for this year!

Lots of love,

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