I am the worlds worst blogger!!

As the title suggests I am writing about being such a bad blogger!  However, this post is also about a fresh start from me and my wee blog!

Okay so I haven’t actually posted since February… FEBRUARY! This is completely through laziness, university stress and a whole lot of confidence issues! I began to feel like a failure with my blog because I was putting work and my studies before it and I really struggled to find the time to get a post up every week.   I think some people forget that writing a blog post isn’t just quick and easy, it takes a lot of time and effort and it was just something I have never been able to keep up with.

My confidence issues -towards my blog- began when I started caring about my following number whether it was on WordPress, Twitter or Instagram.  That little number started to become all I cared about and when I wasn’t gaining it started to make me feel worse. I felt like giving up was the best option. I was so so wrong to ever think and feel this way.  I forget that I have made such lovely friends from blogging and that is really what it is about! Who cares about a number?

Now over the mini negative moaning part of the post – It is the 1st of May and today is the day I vouch that things change!  Since Uni is away to finish for the summer I will have a lot more time to dedicate to my little corner of the internet and get myself into a full routine of posting.   Since I’m starting a fresh I have changed my domain on all social media to celebrate and I hope that you all enjoy a more interactive me!


Lots of Love,


3 thoughts on “I am the worlds worst blogger!!

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  2. I’m not the world’s best blogger but i can share a tip you might find useful. Frequency and quality of posts with the tight tags or categories on them build up blog follows. You can put short snappy blogs – they don’t all have to be works of art or fiddled with until they are perfect or massively researched ( unless the topic demands it). Putting up a short one para blog perhaps with an interesting pic can give you more time as well as more followers 😉

    Thanks for the like and follow!


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