May 30, 2019

Blogger of the Month (1)

How we have reached the end of May already is absolutely mind blowing! It’ll be Christmas again before we know it!

Anyway, welcome back to another Blogger of the Month post! This month I have chosen…. Gina from Culture Bean!


Gina started her blog Culture Bean back in 2011 and mainly wrote about theater reviews. Since then she has branched out and written about her travelling adventures, festivals and other lifestyle topics. I came across Culture Bean last year when I was doing lots of research on travelling and had thoughts of travelling alone. I came across the post Why I’m Scared to Travel Solo and it truly made me feel better about having a fear of travelling by myself! I also absolutely love reading her City Guides for inspiration on where to travel to next! Amsterdam and Copenhagen are definitely on my to do list.

Let’s hop over to Instagram shall we?


Gina has a super fun and super bright theme to her feed, packed full with all of her stunning travel photos. She always has such a big happy smile on her face too which I love about her. Just looking at her feed makes me want to book a flight and jet off somewhere sunny!


Not only does Gina have a great blog and Instagram feed she also has a Youtube channel where she has almost 40 videos on a variety of topics but mainly documenting her travels. Gina is extremely confident in front of the camera and comes across as a fun loving, bubbly character.

Make sure you head over to all of her socials and send her some love ❤

To find Gina’s Blog click here.

To find Gina’s Instagram click here.

To find Gina’s YouTube click here.

See you next time,

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