New Year Resolutions 2017

Happy new year readers! I wish you all the best year to come!
With a new year comes new resolutions and although 90% of the time we do not keep them I’m going to set some anyway!

1. Drink more water

This is a major one for me! I definitely do not drink enough water and it is probably why I get such bad headaches all the time! I’m going to start off by drinking a litre per day and work up to hitting 2 litres!

2. Blogging schedule

Once I get home I’m going to set up a blogging schedule and actually stick to it! I want to try and post twice a week for you guys but I haven’t decided which two days that will be yet! Along with this I’m hoping Kirsty and I get our YouTube filming sorted and upload some videos for you too.

3. Say yes more

I am a worrier and this holds me back to a lot of things but since being in Prague for New Year with Zoë I have realised there isn’t always something to be scared of.  I need to start living a little and doing things that I might not get the opportunity to do again later in life.

4. Travel more
I am 20 years old and I want to see the world! Since booking my Prague holiday, Zoë and I have also booked Bali and Kuala Lumpur for summer time and I’ve now caught the travel bug!! I’m a student, I need to stop worrying about my savings so much and go out and experience new things!

5. Meet new bloggers

I really want to meet more bloggers this year and make new friends! I’m going to keep a look out for more blogger meet up across the UK so let me know if you know of any 🙂

I think it’s important to mix in with the blogging community because it’s firstly an easy way to make friends but it’s also good to have a support group that have the same interests and goals as you do.

So there we have it! My 5 New Year Resolutions for 2017!
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  1. Loved the post. Good luck with all your resolutions. I never accomplish my resolutions so maybe this year I won’t make any.
    Would love if you could check out my recent blog post. Thank you so much.

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