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April 17, 2016

So until I was nominated for this I had never even heard of the Liebster Award. So a big thank you to the lovely SimplyKirsty for nominating me! Kirsty has an amazing blog and she’s also just an absolutely amazing person and I’m super lucky to know her❤️

>This is not a short post so grab a cuppa and a biscuit!<

So here we go, I’ve had to answer the 11 questions that Kirsty set me and I’ll have 11 questions for 4 other bloggers at the end! Enjoy.

Why did you decide to start blogging?
I started blogging because I needed a way to escape from reality. I find that when I’m writing blog posts nothing else around me matters and I’m not being judged by my followers. I am an incredible anxious and stressed out person to the point where I can make myself unwell. I’ve wanted to blog for a long time but I really never had the confidence. When my bestfriend said she was doing it again I thought well if she is brave enough to then why can’t I? So here I am.

Who are your inspirations and why?
I’m going to answer this in three ways:

1. My mum – my mum is an incredibly hard worker and although we argue a lot I know there’s usually a reason behind it! She raised three kids essentially on her own and would go to the ends of the earth for us all and to make sure we are happy. Not only did she successfully raise a family she worked her way into an amazing job and has seen promotion and promotion. If I could be even the tiniest bit like her I would be happy.

2. My friends – my group of friends and absolutely incredible and all for different reasons! They have all contributed to my life in major ways and each of them are very different. Each and every single one of my friends are smart, caring and funny and have amazing futures ahead of them.

3. Finally the sappy one – my boyfriend, James. This may be very cliche to have my boyfriend but honestly he has helped me in so many ways that some people wouldn’t ever imagine. James is loving and kind and incredibly open minded. He is never quick to judge and is always looking for an adventure.

I swear if I put my mum, my friends and my boyfriend all into one person they would be faultless! I want to take a moment to thank them all and point out that I am so lucky and blessed.

If you could only pick one fashion/beauty related item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hmm this is kind of a tough one!! I’ve had many different obsessions over the years. If you had asked me this question maybe 3 years ago I would have said Mascara because I couldn’t leave my house without it on but now I think it would be lipstick! My lipstick collection over the past year has grown ridiculously! Even while I’m on holiday I shove on a bit of lippy and nothing else. I feel like lipstick really completes an outfit.

What would you name your autobiography?
Let me think… “The life of a crazy person” haha. I honestly wouldn’t have a clue! Probably something simple like “welcome to my life” or “the life of Holly”. Unfortunately I don’t have a mind for fancy titles so I would definitely need some help if I were to ever write an autobiography!

Where is your dream holiday destination?
Bora Bora Islands. Just go and google it. Back?? Gorgeous right!? Ugh it just looks surreal. It’s stupidly expensive and takes so long to get there though so I guess for now it will just stay a dream.

What is your dream job?
I don’t know that I can answer this one properly (sorry!). I’m still at that stage of my life where I don’t quite know what I want to do or where I want to end up. There is things I would like to do but could never such as being an entertainer – singer/dancer/actress – but a) I’m not talented enough and b) I certainly don’t have the confidence to start that up now. I guess I would love a job that enables me to travel and visit the world though.

What is your spirit animal?
This is a question that truly stumped me. It’s something that I have never thought about before and so after taking a million and one quizzes and doing an unbelievable amount of research I’ve decided I’m a cat! Not only am I a major cat lover but cat represents:

* Patience, waiting for the right moment to act

* Independence, yet enjoying social connections

* Spirit of adventure, courage

* Deep, relaxed connection with self

* Healing from the inside out

* Curiosity, exploration of the unknown or the unconscious

What is your favourite film?
I am a Disney freak so obviously I’m going to go with Mulan! I love a bit of Disney girl power haha! If I’m honest this is a really difficult question, I like a lot of different types of films so it’s really difficult to pick. Saying that I’ve never watched a Disney film and not liked it so saying Mulan isn’t that much of a cop out.

What is your favourite fashion brand?
In all honesty most of my clothing is New Look or TopShop so I guess they are my favourite. The styles they have are what I like and go for more often than not. Saying that, I really want to try more independent online shops such as AJ VOYAGE and PrettyPlease. I’m very suspicious when it comes to online shops because sometimes the picture isn’t what you receive but alternatively you can sometimes find an absolute gem!

What is your favourite food?
Chicken. This really isn’t a difficult one for me. I would eat chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could. I’m not sure why I love chicken so much but I guess it’s because you can do so much with it. Chicken on toast, chicken salad, chicken pasta and so on!!

What is one thing you love about yourself?

This question really did stop me in my tracks and has taken me about 4 hours to answer. This is a major personal issue of mine, if you asked any of my friends they would tell you I’m really hard on myself about every aspect of my life especially how I look. So I guess I’m going to ignore the appearance aspect to the question and say that the thing I love about myself is my open mind. I love learning about different people and cultures. I would absolutely love to travel the world and live like the locals. Working at McDonalds means that I do meet lots of people from all over the world whether I work with them or serve them and that’s one thing that I absolutely love about my job.
Sorry if these answers are a bit dull but now I nominate:



Anna Bankester


And my questions are:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

3. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be and why?

4. It’s a miserable day outside and you have to keep yourself occupied, what do you do?

5. What would you name your autobiography?

6. Why is the best compliment you have ever received and how did that make you feel?

7. What is your favourite beauty/fashion related item?

8. What animal best represents you?

9. What is your idea of a perfect day?

10. Who are your favourite youtubers to binge watch?

11. If you could time travel, would you go back into the past or head to the future?

I want to quickly apologise to the layout and spacing of my posts!  Due to being on holiday I have been using the app on my phone to do all my blog posts and for some reason it just will not format correctly!  I will have this sorted out when I’m home I promise.


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