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June 26, 2016

I cannot believe how bad I have been with blogging and I give you my biggest apologies but college is over and all my free time will be dedicated to you lot!

So I went shopping with Kirsty a couple weeks ago and did a fair amount of damage and I thought I would share the goodies I bought!


I haven’t taken individual photos of these products

Lets start with Mac Mineralize Skinfinish – £24.  This is in the colour Lightscapade and honestly is one of the most gorgeous highlights I have ever used.  It is natural yet incredible and I use this on a daily basis now! Love Love Love!

Recently I ran out of moisturiser and so I thought it was time to try a new one.  I decided to pick up Good Things Miracle Mattifier Lotion – £7.99.  This moisturiser is an anti blemish formula and I have to admit since using it my blemishes have reduced.  I’m unsure if that is due to an entire new skincare routine or completely the moisturiser!  There is Blackcurrent and Goji Berries in this moisturiser and it smells absolutely INCREDIBLE.  If you are in boots it is definitely worth giving it a smell and I can pretty much guarantee you will fall in love with it like I have.

Next we went for rake through Primarks beauty section to see what things we would try out.  Unfortunately I cannot link any of these products as the website only has very few items to look at and none of the ones I purchased made it onto the site! Anyone I have been looking at buying a BeautyBlender for quite sometime but have always been unsure of how it would look and honestly I don’t want to pay £16 for a sponge that I might absolutely hate!  I noticed that Primark were selling their version of them so I picked up a pack of two for £1.50!  I found that it doesn’t give me a hugely full coverage finish but pretty none the less however I find that they are quite hard and uncomfortable.

I bought 2 lip liners from Primark which  I will never not purchase especially since they are only £1 each which is such a bargain! The two I bought were both neutral toned and I think the formula of these are great.  Slightly creamy and don’t pull on your lip.  My only bug bear is that they are not all the same colour as they claim to be so just be weary of that.

Still in Primark! I bought a peachy/flesh toned eyeliner to run across my waterline for day to day looks.  I bought a white eyeliner a couple of months back but personally I just don’t think it looks right on me.  They white is too bright for when I use browns and darker coloured eyeshadow.  This eyeliner was also £1 so I didn’t have great hopes for it however it is quite pigmented and last a few hours on the eyes so again such a bargain!

The next 7 items are all from superdrug and I haven’t swatched them as I am putting up posts on these products in the next coming weeks.

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer – £3.  I bought two of these liquid lipsticks, I bought them in the shade Dash and Unity.  Dash is a red/mauve kind of colour which I think is great to chuck on any day with any make up so this was a must buy colour for me.  Unity is a grey toned purple shade which I think looks so cool and different.

MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lipstick – £4.  Again I bought two of these in the shades Glint and Luster.  Glint is a dark brown kind of shade and Luster is more of a silver tone colour.  Although these are called Liquid Lipsticks I would class them more as lipgloss as they don’t ever seem to set.  I was drawn to these instantly!  I thought they just looked so cool and different and obviously I don’t own any metallic lip colours so it was a serious must!

MAU Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder – £3.  I purchased this highlight in the shade Opalescent Amber.  This highlight is just absolutely stunning and I will definitely be going back to purchase the other shades.  The formula is quite creamy and easy to apply and blend.  I will say though, it can take a few layers before it really stands out but for £3 do you really mind? I know I don’t!

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette – £6.  For some reason I cannot find the palette I purchased online however I bought the Blush Queen Palette and I can’t get enough of it!  There is 8 shades and they are all baked marble effect.  They also all have a degree on shimmer so you can even get away with wearing these without a highlight.  I do admit the pigment is slightly lacking but it does build up really easily.

The final product I bought was Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer – £5.99.  I seriously love this primer.  I suffer with redness pretty much over the entirety of my face and I’ve wanted to buy myself a colour correcting concealer set but as with everything else it scares me a bit!  When I saw this I thought i’d give it a go.  The first time I used it I truly could not believe the difference in my make up and I even had multiple compliments about how nice my foundation was.  I definitely think that it filled my pours well and cancelled out the redness making my foundation look much more flawless and true to colour.

My top 2 favourite buys from this haul were the Mac Highlight and the Barry M Primer.  Great great products that I recommend you check out.  Like I said before I’m going to be putting up a separate post about all of the MUA and Makeup Revolution products so keep your eyes peeled for that!





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