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May 5, 2017


Hello Hello!

Welcome to the first (kinda) post of my new url! Like my last post this will be a short one just explaining the 5 main things that I would like to achieve in May!  I know it’s a little late to be posting a May goals video but hey, I’ll make my own rules!

1 – I want to post twice a week; Wednesday and Saturday.  Previously I would post between 1 and 3 times per week and I felt that 1 was never enough and 3 was too much so an obvious way to solve this is to go in the middle and post twice.

2- For my Wednesday post I would like to write about anything make-up or lifestyle related whether it be a product review, a make up look or somewhere I have been.  For my Saturday post I want to do something a little different.  I want to introduce a segment to my blog called ‘SKINCARE SATURDAY’! For this I would like to review skincare products and regimes that are on the market from drugstore to high end brands and see what really works.

3 – I want to hit an overall total of 1,000 views for May which as it standard is a pretty big challenge.  With my account being inactive for so long I have a lot of proving myself to do to you followers. My highest monthly view count is currently 900 so here’s hoping I can beat it!
4 – I want to create a consistent style of writing.  I fell like at the moment I have a very random set up for my posts that don’t really make sense and don’t always seem like me.  I want to you guys to be able to read my posts and feel like you’ve known me for years.

5 -I want to have fun.  My major goal of May is to remind myself how much I love writing and that blogging isn’t a chore. Along with this is proving to myself that I am a good blogger and that if I love my content then everything else will follow.

Look out for my post on Wednesday that’s going to be The Real Neat Blog Tag that I was tagged in a good few months ago!

See you then,


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