July 1, 2019

If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you’ll know I love trying out all these “quick fix” diets just to see if they actually work and are worth your cash. I’m actually thinking of making a bit of a series out of it!


SO, who are Thrive? What do they have to offer? They class themselves as “a two month premium lifestyle plan to help individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels.” They also point out that results vary between each people depending on what you are using the plan for.

The plans can cost anything from $70 to $300 per month. I know I know it’s steep and no I didn’t pay anything close to that. I actually didn’t pay anything at all. I found a rep on Facebook – Harley, who was sending out 3 day free trials and I jumped at the opportunity of giving it a go. This review is completely my own opinions.

Harley very kindly sent me a variety of shakes, capsules, patches, coffee and more! I truly didn’t know where to start. Along with the product she sent me a guide on the suggested way to use them.


The capsules were to be taken first thing in the morning with a glass of water. The capsules contain a mix of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids which help with a mass variety of things such as weight management, cognitive functioning and digestive support. I have to say after about 15 minutes my stomach had a strange burning sensation which wasn’t sore but I’m not sure if that’s normal either!


30-40 minutes later you are to have the shake – this a pretty typical step of these style of diets and more often than not they don’t taste so great. I mixed the sachet with 250ml of water and honestly it tasted really good! It kinda reminded me of Calpol?? I freaking loved Calpol as a kid so that really isn’t a bad thing! I had the shake at about 8am and usually by 10ish I’m ready for a slice of toast but while using the shakes I honestly did feel fuller and it lasted me through until lunch.


Next up is the Lifestyle DFT patches. I’m honestly pretty confused by these and I’m not overly sure what it does but the website says that “DFT promotes clean and healthy weight management and an overall healthy lifestyle” whatever that means. The patch made my arm feel a little tingly but only for 10 minutes or so then it went away.

Like I said, Harley sent me a variety of products to try and this included a Coffee and a Premium Green Juice so of course I had to give them a go! I’m used to having a coffee at lunch time and this one did the trick! I mixed it with water and added a splash of milk and it just tasted like a normal coffee – no complaints at all. The green juice on the other hand… vile. The smell alone was enough to put me off and I’m not going to lie, I poured it down the sink after a couple of sips. Not for me!


Last but not least I want to talk about the Lemon Meringue Pro Bar. Hands down this was my absolute favourite product and I’m fully temped to buy these on their own! (even if they do work out at $3 a bar) Protein bars can often be pretty grim tasting but this was fabulous – it wasn’t too heavy and tasted amazing. Other flavours they offer are; Cinnamon Roll, Birthday Cake and Cookies and Cream. Each bar contains 20g of protein which is great pre or post workouts.

Enough about the products – lets get to the nitty gritty of it. Did this really work?? Yeah I guess so! I lost 3lbs over the three days which is pretty impressive but I definitely felt hungry by dinner time. It stopped me snacking through-out the morning but overall I think it just puts you into a better mindset than anything else.

I think if you have the money to splurge on these products then go for the shakes and bars 100%. I do believe you could get very similar products for cheaper elsewhere though.

If you are interested in these products click here and it’ll take you straight to Harleys Facebook page where you can message her directly about Thrive products!

Have you tried this brand before or something similar? Let me know how you got on!

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