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July 3, 2016

Hey Guys!

So I don’t often see much about Sleek but recently I’ve seen more of it in shops so I decided to get a few things to try out.  I didn’t buy much as for being deemed an affordable brand it isn’t all that cheap.  Anyway, lets get into it!

Sleek do have a website which all the links included in this post will be to however I know that you can get their products at Tesco, Superdrug and also Boots.



I feel that Sleek have definitely gone for a Nars vibe with their packaging which is very nice.  So I bought two different shades of blush the first being;

Flamingo – £4.99

My word is this blusher pigmented! Was definitely not expecting it to be exactly how it looks in the pan if I’m honest.  It’s a really gorgeous, vibrant pink which isn’t usually what I go for but I was drawn to it.  You need such a light hand with this shade as it is incredibly easy to go overboard with it and then it’s tough to tone back down – made that mistake far too many times!!

The second blush that I purchased was in the shade Pixie Pink – £4.99

This one is much more my cup of tea in terms of pink blushers because it’s a super pretty baby pink which when I bought it thought it would be great for the spring time.  Well, my expectations were shattered so quickly – this blush shade has absolutely no pigment at all! You need to build it up so much to get any sort of colour pay off and I was so disappointing by this.



Any time I try a new brand I have to buy lipstick as it’s obviously my favourite part of make up!  I bought two different kinds of lipstick and the first was;

True Colour Lipstick  in the shade Exxxagerate – £4.99


I was looking for a purple lipstick for a night out I had and so when I saw this I thought it was perfect.  It is a very pretty deep purple however it is quite a dry formula and I felt that it pulled on my lip slightly which I definitely do not like in a lipstick!  Unfortunately it wasn’t the right shade I needed either! – If you’re looking for a great purple lipstick though you should definitely look at Heroine by Mac.  Pricey but worth it!

The second lipstick I purchased was the Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in the shade Birthday Suit – £4.99


This is one of the most gorgeous nude shades that I think I have ever worn which makes me so happy! It is an amazing and long lasting formula which meant I could wear it to college for an entire day (9-4) and only had to top it up a little in the centre after lunch.  Now, it’s all well and good having a pretty colour and nice formula BUT I absolutely HATE the applicator!! It was a really hard plastic applicator that almost hurt when putting on.  It was really difficult to get crisp, neat lines too.  I wouldn’t say ‘Dont’t buy this lipstick’ based on the applicator though, I would recommend that you use a lip brush though.

So overall I am not absolutely blown away by Sleek make-up but I guess I haven’t tried enough of their products to write them off yet!  I definitely think that there is better and cheaper brands that give you better products though!  Let me know in the comments if there is any products from Sleek that you absolutely love and think I should try!


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  • Reply lillynlilly July 4, 2016 at 7:25 am

    Flamingo looks gorgeous! I am yet to try anything from Sleek, I have heard that their blushes are insanely pigmented just as you described 🙂

    • Reply dasilvax July 4, 2016 at 8:17 am

      It is incredible pretty – with a light hand – haha! I’m so on the fence about the brand but want to try more haha. I think it is definitely worth a try but baring in mind some products just don’t match up to the standards of the rest! X

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