December 24, 2018

Blogger of the Week

Not only is it another Blogger of the Week segment but it is also 1 more sleep until Christmas day! 🎅🎄 Anyway! Today’s Blogger of the Week is… Molly from MollXMarie.

Molly is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who I discovered not that long ago and quickly became obsessed. Molly started blogging back in 2017 under the name ‘HeythereMolly’ which was more focused on beauty. She decided that she wanted to focus more on fashion and so  in February 2018 ‘MollxMarie’ was created. I have never met Molly before however from the brief conversations I have had with her she comes across completely genuine which matches her seemingly effortless blogging style.


If you head over to Molly’s Instagram page you will find a super co-ordinated feed with lots of bright colours and quirky outfits. She appears incredibly comfortable and confident behind the camera which I will forever be envious of! You can also find a number of ‘how to style’ videos which I always find really helpful because since I’m not a fashion guru I’m pretty bad at piecing outfits together.


Please head over to Molly’s socials and send her some love 💕

To find Molly’s blog click here.

To find Molly’s Instagram here.

See you tomorrow for the final post of Blogmas!!

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