January 23, 2018

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It has been a hot minute since I did a brand review post and I figured why not do a post dedicated to Morphe.

Morphe is an American company I believe that recently set up a UK website to make it easier for us to spend our money! Previously the easiest way to purchase Morphe products was through Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay.  I opted to buy things through Beauty Bay as they used to sell the palettes cheaper than Cult Beauty however they are the same price now.

SO, where to begin? I have 4 full sized 35 shade palettes, 1 12 shade palette and 1, 9 shade contour and highlight palette and I use them all pretty regularly! I have things I love about these items and things I dislike about them too but I have to point out they are all inexpensive yet good quality products!

First up, eyeshadows. My overall opinion of the eyeshadows are amazing. They are very soft, easy to blend and highly pigmented. The standard 35 shade palettes retail for £23 a piece (65p per eyeshadow) and the 12 shade palettes are £19 (£1.58 per eyeshadow) which for the amount you get I definitely think it is good value for money. My main gripe with these palettes is the sheer amount of brown shades that you get! You 100% get doubles if not triples of the brown shades and I truly do not think it is necessary.


This was actually my first ever palette and I loved it. I used to very much love a dark smokey eye and this palette was pretty darn perfect for the job. It has a variety of matte and shimmer shades that are all absolutely stunning.


This is another palette that has lots of dark browns in it, most of which I honestly have never used. It is a completely matte palette although there is also a shimmer version too.  It has great transition shades to start off both natural or dramatic looks. The oranges in this palette are insanely beautiful!



The 35F palette was one of the hardest to get a hold of! It was amazing how quickly it sold out! It has 28 shimmer shades and 7 matte shades. The shimmers are stunning both dry and wet and are super pigmented. I love this palette over Christmas time as it is full of cranberry, gold and champagne shades.


This is definitely the brightest and most colourful palette I have ever purchased and I can’t say I’ve used it that often but it was fantastic over the Halloween period! All the colours are highly pigmented including the yellow shades which was a very happy surprise. The red is by far my favourite in this palette though and it was surprisingly nice to have a white? Something I didn’t know I wanted until I had it!


The 12NB palette is a great palette to take on your travels. As you can see mine is definitely well loved! Some of the shades are actually falling out, its been dragged about that many places! It has the basic shades your heart could ever need. A perfect mix of mattes and shimmers and the burnt orange shade is absolutely gorgeous! It has very good transitions shades and a nice yellowy beige for setting any primers you may use!

Next up is the 9C 9 Colour Highlight and Contour Palette.

The palette has 4 matte highlight shades, 1 shimmer highlight and 4 bronzer/contour shades. The texture and pigmentation of this palette is very good and extremely easy to blend out. I only tend to use this for nights out or events where I need a stronger contour as it doesn’t quite match my skin tone but lovely none the less! The shimmer highlight shade is also a lovely golden shimmer colour that is more of a subtle shade.

I really want to branch out and try Morphes concealer and lipsticks etc but I honestly haven’t seen much about them to know if they are worth purchasing. Let me know what your favourite Morphe products are in the comments below!

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  • Reply Emma Rollason January 23, 2018 at 10:12 am

    Great post!! 35F and 12NB are stunning palettes, I think I’d use them the most.

    Emma x

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