May 16, 2018


*Product was gifted in return for an honest review*

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Since age 8 I have been very conscious of my weight and it has really been something that has taken over my life. At age 8 I would purposefully breathe in so my my tummy look smaller or flatter and I would compare myself to the other girls in my class. This is something I still have not grown out of, in fact, it is now just a habit that I can’t get out of.  2 years ago I was a size 8 and yet I still felt too big and like my tummy wasn’t flat enough. I hated my thighs the most – they were always just so wide and it made me feel deeply sad. 2 years on I’m a size 12 and feel even worse.

Skipping past the sob story, I’ve always been intrigued by detox and weight-loss teas. I love a good cup of tea so the idea of drinking a tea and losing weight from it sounds flipping incredible! If only it were that simple! For a start, there are so so many companies that offer this product; Slim Life Tea, The Skinny Cafe, Boo Tea, Skinny Mint, Teami and more so who do you chose from? For me it was important that the product didn’t contain laxatives – which some of the above companies do – because as far as I’m concerned laxatives can be pretty dangerous.

I came across an Instagram ad for Slim Life Tea and decided to do some research on the brand. The website claims that the tea is a natural and easy way to lose weight and that the benefits are; Enhanced weight loss, Boosted metabolism, Non-laxative, Improved skin condition, Increased mental alertness,  and Strengthened immune system. Sounds great right??

The product did not take very long to arrive which was great and the only thing I needed to purchase was a tea strainer – which was surprisingly difficult! I managed to find a decent one from Ikea for 90p which was an absolute gem!


Now down to the nitty gritty of this stuff! How did it smell? In my mind this stuff had to smell awful just based on experiences of detoxing and herbal teas however I was so pleasantly surprised when it smelt pretty refreshing. As for the taste it just tasted like a standard cup of tea without milk – it was a massive win! Due to it smelling and tasting good it made following the programme of drinking 2-3 cups a day really easy and actually enjoyable too. I’ll admit I didn’t always have a chance to drink 3 cups a day just because it was loose leaf so wasn’t easy to transport but I would have one with breakfast and one after dinner.


Results? Hell yeah. Is it because of the tea? I’m 50-50 on that one. This tea is to aid weight loss and I think it mentally made me want to eat better so that my results were increased which is definitely a plus point. I think anything that can put you in a healthy mindset is a winner of a product. I also have felt a lot less bloated which is a problem I’ve dealt with for a long time and if you struggle with bloating then you’ll know how uncomfortable it is and you’ll do anything to get rid of it! Over the past month I have lost around 7lbs in weight while drinking this tea and I have done little to no exercise during this time – of course a good diet along with this is absolutely key.


Conclusion: If you struggle with motivation to lose weight then this product can definitely help, I don’t believe that it has false claims like other companies do however I cannot prove the increased mental alertness and strengthened immune system aspects of it.  It is definitely a high priced product and so it isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely worth a shot if you can afford to splash out.

I want to add that you have to be so incredibly careful when you are purchasing detoxing products of any sort. You need to do your research on these products to ensure that they are for you and that you know exactly what ingredients are in them!

Have you tried Slim Life Tea or any other detox tea brand? Let me know what your thoughts were in the comments!

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