November 5, 2018


I am just full of these food reviews just now, is it really any wonder I’ve put on weight?!

This is a bit of a different food review this week as it is about a small brand that makes loaded brownies. YUM!

Fairy Bakes is based in Aberdeen and she just works from her home as a side hobby. She was kind enough to answer some questions however asked that I keep her name private which I think is pretty cool! #thesecretbaker

Why did you start making brownies?
Working away from home over summer made me miss being busy in the kitchen. As a full time dancer, I am always on the go. I love to create and experiment, and baking really relaxes me. For me personally, my job requires me to ‘watch my figure’, so when I want something yummy, I always always always bake brownies! I’ve seen small independent bakers able to offer their products through the wonderful world of social media, which I think is amazing! So knowing I was back in the UK for some time I decided to go for it!

How long does it take to make each order?
Minus baking and cooking time, maybe 20-30 mins! But I like to prepare – I draw up little sketches and enjoy thinking of how to incorporate their requests into something that tastes, and looks, amazing!

What’s your favourite brownie you’ve made?
The terry’s chocolate orange themed, I looooove orange choc!

Do you think you’ll make more than just loaded brownies in the future?
Potentially! However, I like the idea that a big brownie slab is like a canvas – ready to be loaded with goodies! I like playing about with shapes and colours of sweets and candy so that it visually looks interesting!

What do you hope to achieve with your business?
Without sounding cheesy!, I just want to give people something they can enjoy. I’d love my brownies to be eaten either for a special occasion, or just in a fun social content. They are a sweet treat, and the custom element helps that! So I want it to be enjoyed by friends and family.


My Review;

Honestly, these were the best brownies I have ever had and I can’t wait for an excuse to purchase some more! I opted for a caramel and fudge theme which included; fudge pieces, caramel pieces, Caramac buttons, cookies and marshmallows! My mouth is watering at the thought!! The brownie itself was super soft and fluffy while keeping a very rich chocolate flavour.


The loaded brownie slabs are £12 and can be ordered through direct messaging Fairy Bakes herself. These slabs are great if you have guests coming round, as a gift to somebody or just to have in the fridge for a sweet treat! The best thing about ordering from Fairy Bakes is that you are helping to support a local brand and she has a real talent too!

Click here to check out Fairy Bakes Instagram page (warning; it will make you hungry!)

That’s all from me, bye for now!

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