November 28, 2018

Photo taken from The Spiritualist Glasgow Instagram page

I know what you’re thinking – “Holly, didn’t you just post about the Spiritualist?” and you would be right to ask! 2 weeks ago I posted about the Christmas Menu at The Spiritualist Aberdeen which if you’re interested in reading you can click here. Not long after posting about this I was invited to pop along to the Glasgow to check out their menu.

I had heard that the vibe in the Glasgow restaurant was different to Aberdeen so I was extremely excited to visit and see for myself! I’d had a look through their Instagram to see what it was like but they tend to showcase their food and delicious drinks rather than their decor. This meant I had almost no idea what to expect when we got there!

We went on a Saturday night which usually I would try to avoid – purely because most restaurants can be over crowded and service can be slow due to this however I must say that despite us being about 15 minutes early and the place being packed we were seen to and seated with drinks extremely quick.

A manager came over to us with some Prosecco and had a chat about our thoughts on the venue versus Aberdeen. My initial thoughts were that The Spiritualist Glasgow was more up market and high end where I found The Spiritualist Glasgow a bit more relaxed and casual.

Lets start with drinks shall we?


James isn’t much of a drinker so he wanted something a bit lighter and fruity. He opted for Salt Caramel Banana Rum Punch which consisted of banana milk washed Brugal Especial Rum, salt caramel syrup, lime & mineral water. The cocktail was really nice and definitely a good one to start with! I went for something completely different.


I went for the less pretty but equally as tasty Ginger Monk which consisted of Suntory Roku Japanese Gin, lime juice, ginger ale syrup, chilli, ginger, lemongrass, apple and mint infused chamomile tea soda. This was an experience! If you love all things spicy this is definitely a cocktail to try. It’s quite a light initial taste and then gives a real kick in the back of your throat!

On to the food! – The menu is pretty extensive and not overly expensive but it of course depends on what you opt for. For starters James opted for their soup of the day which I didn’t take a photo of because, well.. it was soup! It tasted really nice and came with some sliced baguette too.


For starters I choose the Seared Shetland King Scallops which were honestly cooked beautifully! The photo doesn’t at all do any justice to the dish but be assured they were super tasty!


Not long after our table was cleared our mains arrived and our first thoughts were “oh my god these portions are huge!” This was something that the Glasgow and Aberdeen certainly had in common. James chose the 21 day aged Aberdeen Angus Steak Burger that also had pulled pork, lettuce, char-grilled apple and jalapeno ketchup in it! For this size and quality of burger I would have expected it to cost somewhere in the realms of £16 however it was only £12.95 which I think is extremely well priced.


This picture alone makes me hungry! I chose the Treacle Glazed Speyside Beef Brisket with salted carrots, mushroom puree and pomme anna and I 100% believe I got the better meal out of us both. The meat just fell apart and truly melted in the mouth. Again the portion was huge with 2 big hunks of beef but honestly I would order this every time I went if I could! A true winner!

After just 2 courses we were incredibly full but were both determined to find room for a pudding so much so that we even contemplated just sharing one! (Is that really ever an option though??)


James decided to go for a very beautiful looking Mille Feuille – not going to lie, neither of us had any idea how to pronounce that one! It was made up of Passion fruit posset, lime cheesecake, compressed lime crisps & lemon curd in between layers of pastry sheets. I’m not a lover of pastry so it wasn’t really a desert for me but James demolished the lot so must have been good!


I went for an equally beautiful looking option of an After Dinner Parfait which was a mint chocolate parfait, caramelised orange segments, coffee & chocolate – what more could you want in a pudding?!

After all this, we were well and truly stuffed and ready for a good sleep! (What a wild Saturday night!😜) We had such a lovely evening and every member of the team we came into contact with were incredibly helpful and chatty which made us both feel genuinely welcomed in the restaurant. If/when I am back in Glasgow it is definitely a restaurant I’d be keen to visit again!


Like the Aberdeen restaurant Glasgow have a fixed priced Christmas menu which is available now for £19.95 for a 3 course meal! What an absolute steal!

I want to finish off by giving a massive thank you to the whole team at The Spiritualist Glasgow for giving us a wonderful night with delicious food and drinks. If you live in Glasgow or are there to visit I would highly recommend swinging by before you leave – they also do brunch on a Sunday!

Bye for now,

Blog end 2

P.S Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting post on Saturday!

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