December 10, 2018

Blogger of the Week

Here we are again, another Monday, another Blogger of the Week!

This week I am choosing Erin from Make Erin Over! I’ve followed Erin on social media pretty much ever since starting my blog and over this time I have become emotionally invested in her journey through college, getting into uni, her love Starbucks and of course watching her (not so) little boy grow up!


Erin does posts about everything from make – up, skincare, monthly favourites, general lifestyle and her journey through RGU where she studies Midwifery. Although I have never met Erin her writing style comes across as effortless, natural and just completely her which I think the blogging community is kinda lacking these days.


If you head over to Erin’s Instagram page you will see her true love of yellow and a very aesthetically pleasing feed. I’ll admit, I definitely envy her photography skills and I definitely try to pull inspiration from her shots – they just aren’t as easy as she makes them look!

To sum up – I’ve chosen Erin as this weeks blogger of the week because not only is she a full time student, she is also a full time mum and a full time blogger too! Erin strikes me as a super motivated and dedicated individual and she deserves all the recognition possible!


To find Erin’s blog click here.

To find Erin’s Instagram click here.

Until tomorrow folks,

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