May 16, 2019

[post contains PR samples from Femme Luxe Finery]


Welcome back to another monthly edit of Femme Luxe! I’ve done a few of these now so feel free to check them out [Femme Luxe Finery] and [Fashion Faves or Fashion Fails??]

This month I picked out two lounge wear sets and two more dressy options – all of which are things I don’t often gravitate to but I figured you should always try a style at least once!

Let’s start with the Dusky Pink With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set. This set comes in 7 different colours and comes in a size 6-12. As always I opted for the largest size they offer which can be a hit or a miss.


I’m pretty happy with this set – even though it’s a cropped hoodie! As standard the crotch area is a little off and saggy but for taking the dog for a walk or lazing around the house they are a great option.

Next I tried on the Grey High Neck Cropped Loungewear Set.  The crop top was a no go for me in this context however I think it could look cute with some high waisted jeans.


The bottoms were okay but I just needed them to be a little bigger. The set comes in 2 sizes – S/M (8-10) and M/L (12-14) which leaves a lot of room for error. I would wear the leggings around the house but I would definitely reach for the pink joggers over these!

Now onto something a little more dressy! I’ve seen the Black PU Corset Top literally all over my Instagram feed and it is so far away from my style that I’ve continually scrolled past it…until now! When I tried it on I realised that not only did it not fit me very well but it was also incredibly unflattering but I was determined to make it work.


I decided to layer it over a camo print t-shirt, my trusty denim skirt and some Vans and I actually kinda dig how this turned out! It definitely added a little something extra to an otherwise plain outfit!

My final item I want to love. I really want to. I chose the Houndstooth Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit. Now, I have a couple of issues here. I think for a start that a size or two up would immediately look better. My next issue is the poor quality of stitching that makes you look like you have a constant camel toe even when it isn’t tight.


I chose to put on my own belt as the string that came with it truly just got lost in my lumps and bumps – wasn’t a fan! This jumpsuit has so much potential and I think with a little redesign it could be great because the actual material was thick, comfortable and not see-through in the slightest!

Overall I do think that Femme Luxe is improving and I’m looking forward to seeing what they will release for their summer collection – hopefully some floaty midi skirts/dresses!

Have you tried Femme Luxe? What’s your thoughts?

Until next time,

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