June 24, 2019

June?? Already?? How on earth are we half way through the year?! 2019 truly is winging past! Since we are 6 months into the year I thought this was a great time to check in with my goals and see where I’m sitting with them all. If you haven’t read my 2019 goals you can read them here.


Blogging goals

  • 20k views – I started the year with 11.9k views and right now I am sitting on 17,625 which is much higher than I expected! I’m really happy with this one and am very confident that I can hit my 20k target by the end of the year.
  • 750 blog followers – When I set this goal I was on 500 blog followers and since then I have jumped up to 649 which is a pretty big leap I’d say! Just 101 to go over the next 6 months which I’m confident is achievable.
  • 3k Instagram followers – I wasn’t sure at first that this was going to be possible but I think I might get close! I started the year with around 2200 and in 6 months and a lot of dedication, I have finally hit 2500! I think that if I keep working at my Instagram by engaging with other bloggers and making an effort with what I’m posting I can get up to 2700 by December.
  • Post twice a week – For the first time in my blogging career I can finally call myself consistent!! I’ve very rigidly stuck to posting twice a week with the occasional week off for holidays and I’m so proud of myself for sticking to this.

Personal Goals

  • Get Organised – I’ll call this a 50% flop. I’ve definitely become more organised in some aspects of my life but definitely not fully. With (semi) moving out it has forced me to become more organised with food shopping and cleaning the house while making sure I have a social life too. A long way to go on this one!
  • Complete a 5k – Hell Yeah!! At the end of May I completed my first 5k at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. I completed the run in 44 mins and raised £255 for RMHC. If you want to read about my journey click here. BUT WAIT… There’s more! just 2 weeks after this achievement I took part in the Race For Life 5k and managed to run it in 43 minutes – not bad for a new runner with an injury!
  • Savings – I’m very happy with how my savings are going and by December I will for sure have my share and then some for James and I to put down on a mortgage – so flipping excited!
  • Practice Self Love – hmm… I can’t say I’ve done anything super drastic but I’ve definitely adopted more positive habits and thought processes. I drink more water and eat WAY less processed food and take outs. I’ve also starting running in the evenings which despite making me ache like mad it gives me a real sense of pride and achievement. I also try to do a short meditation session most evenings through an app called smiling minds. It really helps to switch off and get a much better nights sleep. The main point I want to add for this goal is that I am starting to accept my body for what it is which is a pretty big deal. I’ve started taking more fashion risks and not being so self conscious if something is a little tight fitting. I even wore a bikini this past weekend!!

Overall, I am really happy with my progress through my goals this year and I’m hoping I can keep it up and see even more growth to my blog and other social media accounts. Since being more consistent I have noticed that I am getting more offers with brands which is helping to boost interest in my content! I also think that I am branching out in my content and finding the topics that not only I want to write about but that people are actually interesting in reading too.

I hope that my body confidence journey will continue to go as well as it is and I think with steady exercise I will feel loads better. I want to maybe document this journey a little more and share some before/after pictures. Running is also something I want to write about because it’s becoming something I really enjoy and get excited about – which to anyone who knows me isn’t a normal emotion for me when it comes to any form of exercise! If someone told me even 6 months ago that I would enjoy running, I would have laughed in their face!

What’s your targets / goals for this year?? How are you getting on with them??


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