November 28, 2019

I say it every month but I’m going to say it again… Where is this year going?! Have you got your Christmas tree up yet? Is it still too early?

Enough about Christmas! Let’s talk about the beautiful, Kara – the face behind The Book and Beauty Blog.

Kara started her blog waay back in December 2016 and she has been blogging consistently ever since. As you may have guessed Kara reviews all things beauty and books too. She keeps all of her skincare and beauty products cruelty free and budget friendly which is absolutely amazing! As for her book reviews they vary however her favourite genres are historical fiction and fantasy, so if that is what you’re into then she has the perfect blog for you.


Like I said, Kara is a beauty and book reviewer and boasts a beautiful website to showcase her writing. She has split up each genre of her book reviews so it makes it super easy for you to find your next book to read! I’m not much of a reader as you may know from my Q&A however I do very much enjoy the beauty side to Kara’s blog. Posts to check out include; Thanksgiving Inspired Pictorials, My Perfect Fall Palette and Burt’s Bee’s Moisturizer Review. (P.s did you know Burt’s Bee’s did make up?! I didn’t!)


As always, let’s jump over to Kara’s Instagram page.

Kara’s feed is heavily beauty and make up based with a sprinkle of book covers too of course. She shares all of her beautiful make up looks that just inspire me to play around with my own collection. She has an amazing balance of bright, fun looks as well as softer, everyday looks – again something to suit everyone! You’ll also find a handful of perfect flat lay product photos and swatches too. You can tell that Kara puts effort into the content she creates and shares and she fully deserves recognition for that!

If you didn’t know about Kara before then please go and check her out, send her some love too!

To find Kara’s Blog click here.

Click here to find Kara’s Instagram.

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