June 27, 2019

Blogger of the Month (1)

It’s that time again!

June’s blogger of the month goes to the lovely Hollie George – otherwise known as Beauty and the Bookshelves!


Hollie is a 26 year old beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Beauty and the Bookshelves was created in June 2017 where Hollie wrote about a summer clothing haul. Since then she has written about different make up tutorials, look books and book reviews. She also took part in Blogtober and Blogmas last year which are fully worth reading. I think it’s worth pointing out what a difficult task it is to take part in these blogging challenges. I took part in Blogmas last year and it takes a lot of pre-planning and thinking of that many topics to write about is bloody tough so I have a lot of respect for Hollie!

As always, let’s pop over to Hollie’s Instagram.


Hollie’s feed is a perfect mix of make up, products, food and scenery pictures that are all very colour coordinated and beautiful. I’m actually just very jealous of both her make up skills and her photography skills. She makes swatches look incredible!! Mine always look patchy and rubbish!


If you haven’t read Hollie’s blog before you absolutely need to read her most recent post; Celebrating Halfway to Christmas. It’s all about spending a day celebrating the fact that we are half way to Christmas (I know, It’s a scary thought for some!) – she cracks out a cosy Christmas jumper, a Christmas candle and a bunch of Christmas movies and just has a great time. From now on it is absolutely something I’m going to be celebrating!

Make sure you head over to her Socials and give her some love!

To find her blog click here.

To find her Instagram click here.

Until next week,

Holly (1)

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