September 19, 2019

If you haven’t heard of Fit & Skin yet then where on earth have you been?! The fitness and skincare rehabilitation centre opened up on union street last month and I managed to head along for a sneak peek at what they have to offer. 


I was following the opening of the studio for sometime before it opened and I was incredibly confused as to what it actually was. On further conversation with other bloggers, they were just as confused. They claimed that they aren’t a gym despite priding themselves on their fitness studio. It looked like they had spa treatments like any other spa – so why them? What makes them different? Like I said, I was lucky enough to get a look around and met the lovely owner Catalina too and everything became clearer. 

Fit & Skin Studio is a fitness and skincare rehabilitation centre designed for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quick, effective workout, need help with recovering from an injury or just after some simple TLC – then this is the place to visit! 


Catalina, the owner was very honest with her reasoning behind her concept. With having twins her body changed from a size six to almost a size 18 and she felt that her standard gym routine just wasn’t giving her the results she needed. She travelled around the world in search of up and coming technologies that aid weight loss and body enhancement – technology not yet introduced to Aberdeen, until now. She aims to help everyone improve their strength, appearance and of course, confidence too. 


So what makes the Fit & Skin fitness studio different from all others? Well for a start you can’t come here for your typical workout. Instead, Fit & Skin offer short, effective fitness classes teamed with Catalina’s tried and tested technology. This pairing is designed to enhance weight loss and your athletic performance too.  

What is this special technology I hear you ask. EMS. Within your 25-minute fitness class, you wear a super cool EMS bodysuit that targets those deep muscles that you don’t often use to create a more intense and effective workout. I have to admit it looks a little scary but we were assured that the vibrations are not painful what-so-ever and are adjusted to your particular needs. They are controlled by iPads located on the gym wall that allows you to create a set up that works specifically for you. Oh, and by the way, these settings are saved in the iPad for you so you don’t have to worry about forgetting! 

The classes will hold between 10-12 people to ensure the trainers can watch that everyone is keeping up with the class and completing the work-out without injuries. Fit & Skin have also assured us that whether you are a beginner to working out or an expert, these classes will be great and effective. 


I do love a bit of TLC! Whether it’s a facial or back massage, I am always keen for a bit of relaxation and pampering. So I was pretty intrigued by this section of the studio. Little did I know that this truly is not your standard spa! 

This studio offers treatments like; Lipo Freeze, Cryotherapy Facials, Hydrotherapy and even Brazilian Bum Lifts! One treatment that Catalina swears by is a Hydrafacial. She turned up to the launch event with no foundation or concealer just some simple blush and mascara and she was glowing! She gave all the credit to the amazing Hydrafacial. The 30-minute treatment aims to minimise pores, soften dark spots and smooth out any wrinkles too! 

Of course, a few of the treatments appeal to me but the one I’m keen to try out is Hydrotherapy. To cut a long story short it is a massage underwater… intriguing right? 

This super deep bath uses high-pressure water jets and claims to give you a deeper, more effective massage in just 30 minutes. This treatment is great for people suffering sports injuries or muscle pain – me in a nutshell. 


I haven’t tried anything in the studio myself so I don’t know if this technology actually works. I was given a voucher to try out a fitness class and a session of cryotherapy so I will definitely be giving those a thorough review in the near future! 

Have you been along to the studio yet? Did it work for you? I’m very interested to know! 

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