September 10, 2019

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Who Are FOREO?

FOREO [for-ray-oh] is a high-end Swedish beauty tech company that was founded back in 2013. FOREO products have won more than 150 design and beauty awards including the Best Electronic Product of 2018 and Best Beauty Device. It has also been deemed the world’s fastest-growing beauty brand.

What is the LUNA Mini 3

The LUNA mini 3 is the only gym bag-friendly cleansing device with gentle yet powerful T-Sonic pulsations that work effortlessly to remove dirt, oil, and sweat to leave you with fresh and radiant skin in just 60 seconds!


What’s so special about the LUNA mini 3 vs other LUNA range products? Well… The LUNA mini 3 has 5 new features that makes it stand out against its sister products;

  • An all-new Glow Boost Mode which is a quick 30-second skin cleanse at a simple press of a button! This is a great new feature that allows you to have a deep cleanse of your face in half the time of the standard clean. Ideal for when you are on the go! I love this feature particularly when I am at the gym.
  • 12 Adjustable T-Sonic cleansing intensities which allows you to create a personalised cleanse. The recommended setting is level 8 however if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin then a lower level may be better for you. I have been using a mixture of level 8 and 10 most days but if my skin is feeling like it needs a more intense clean I will use level 12 which feels great.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone with ultra-soft touchpoints. The new and improved bristles allow the device to glide effortlessly across the skin without any pulling or stretching. Before turning on the product I was a little worried that the bristles would be too rough on my sensitive skin but I couldn’t be more wrong. The bristles are super soft and flexible and work well to not cause any sort of redness or damage to the skin.
  • With the app connectivity function, it allows you to sync up your device to your phone or tablet to adjust the cleansing settings on your device. It also has a funky find your LUNA option for when you just can’t find the little thing! Once you have connected your LUNA mini 3 through the BlueTooth function the app is super simple to use and you don’t need to keep connecting it each time either.
  • Last but not least the new practical design is ultra-hygienic, lightweight and 100% waterproof. Perfect for throwing into your gym bag! I keep mine in a small makeup bag along with the Micro-Foam Cleanser so that it never touches my sweaty gym clothes!

It comes in 5 stunning colours; Pearl Pink, Fuchsia, Mint, Sunflower Yellow and Midnight Black. I love the choice of colours because it further accentuates the idea of a personalised skin care system.

How does the Luna mini 3 work?

The special T-Sonic technology along with the 3-zone design was created to be able to remove up to 99% of dirt, oil, makeup residue and dead skin cells too. This allows for an incredibly deep cleanse of the skin whilst gently exfoliating without causing any irritation or damage to the skin – amazing right?! It’s like having a little face massage while cleaning your face and the effects are long-lasting.

How to use the Luna mini 3

The LUNA mini 3 is super easy to use and with the handy FOREO app you can always be reminded in their 3 step guide to using your facial massager.

Screenshot taken from Foreo App

While the LUNA mini 3 is great for adding into your everyday skincare routine it is also perfect for pre and post work out facial care too. Blocked pores can lead to breakouts, infections and also prevent toxins from leaving your skin. By simply taking one minute to cleanse your skin you can rid your face of any lingering dirt and bacteria that may be beneath the surface.

You can use any facial cleanser of your choice however FOREO have their Micro-Foam Cleanser which is a perfect partner in crime to any of the LUNA products.


The cleanser is unscented which makes it great for all skin types as there is less chance of irritation. It is super light and doesn’t leave your face feeling sticky or dry which is the sign of any good cleanser!

Action shot!

My Thoughts

The LUNA mini 3 is perfect for all of your daily skincare and post-workout facial cleansing needs! I’ve been using the products for almost 2 weeks and honestly after day 3 I have started to notice an enormous difference to my skin. I suffer from dry, dehydrated, oily (cheeks and chin), spot prone skin which has meant that for years I have fought a battle against my make up sitting nicely on my skin. A battle that I can wholeheartedly say is coming to end and with one of the most simple products I have ever used. Some facial cleansing devices can be bulky, tricky to use or tricky to take around with you but this one can fit in literally any bag you take with you and works with a simple click of a button!


I truly don’t think that my skin has ever felt as soft and smooth as it does now and my makeup glides on super effortlessly and lasts all day too. Whilst I’m still having some minor breaks outs they are significantly reduced in size, redness and length of time they decide to stick around for too!

The Foreo LUNA mini 3 is a fantastic little product that can be a great addition to your everyday routine but is also amazing for gym lovers and travel bugs that need something small and reliable to chuck in their bag. I love that it has longer, softer bristles on the front and some shorter, harder ones to really get a good clean on the back.

Despite its steep price tag, I do believe that it is worth splashing out on if you can. Investing in skincare that actually works can never fail you and like I said, my skin has never felt better. James has also given the LUNA mini 3 a go and has been looking at purchasing his own one! James was a skincare virgin before we met and so for him to consider treating himself to a product like this truly shows the magical powers that it has!

The LUNA mini 3 will be available in the UK from September at Cult Beauty.


I want to say a big thank you to FOREO for sending me the LUNA mini 3 and also the Micro-Foam Cleanser. It has truly been an amazing collaboration and hopefully a brand I can continue to work with in the future! I also would like to note that all opinions are completely my own and have not been dictated or persuaded by the brand in any sort of way.

Do you have any FOREO products in your face-washing routine? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Reply Kirsty September 10, 2019 at 11:20 am

    Great post girl! I’ve heard a lot about Foreo but this post is definitely the most in depth review of one of their products I’ve seen! Sounds like a great little piece of kit to have in your skincare cupboard! Love that James loves it too!

    Might have to treat myself….. oops.

    Kirsty |

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