November 30, 2019

I know I know, usually these are done in the year before your birthday but I didn’t think 24 before 24 sounded as good?? That, and I hope my wee blog is still running when I’m 30! I thought it would be nice to post something a little different and create a life bucket list. As I complete things I’d love to score them off and record when I completed them.

My Life Bucket List
  1. Buy a House
  2. Buy a Car [Completed 27th January 2020. I bought my beautiful wee Fiat 500 called her Flora ]
  3. Visit India
  4. Adopt a dog
  5. Start a family
  6. Have Christmas abroad
  7. Learn a second language
  8. Learn a new hobby [Completed December 2021 – I bought myself a Cricut and have been able to make little bits and bobs. I also bought a pyrography kit (wood burning pen basically) and managed to make a couple of wood burn signs for Christmas]
  9. Run a 10k
  10. Drive to my grandparents over 600 miles away! [Completed September 2022 – I drove my little Flora down to the bottom of England. It took 14 hours but we got there!]
  11. Go to a music festival! [Completed September 2021 – Kirsty and I went to Glasgow for TRNSMT Festival]
  12. Get a tattoo
  13. Whale watching in Iceland
  14. Volunteer in the UK
  15. Interrail around Europe
  16. Complete an online course
  17. Have a solo trip away
  18. Take a dance class
  19. Take a cooking class
  20. Visit New York at New Year
  21. Start a YouTube channel [Completed 10th November – Find my channel here]
  22. Complete a Munro
  23. Learn to meditate
  24. Attend a Grand Prix
  25. Live away from Aberdeen
  26. Get a new job [Completed June 2022 – I started a new job as an HR Administrator!]
  27. Purchase a designer handbag
  28. Go camping
  29. Go on a gals holiday [ Completed 13th January 2020. First of many gals holidays. Went to Paris with Robyn and Paige for 5 days ]
  30. Complete a 30 day challenge

I think these are all very manageable things to complete through-out the next 6 years! Are you keen for anything I’ve mentioned on my list? Have you created a list like this? Leave it in the comments for myself and others to read!

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  • Reply Throughmylens November 30, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Love the list hun, it’s gotten me inspired too x

  • Reply Sartenada December 1, 2019 at 7:14 am


    I love this one: “Learn a second language fluently”. New language requires a lot of work, depending how thoroughly you want to learn it – oh yes, fluently, I saw. I have been interested in French many years and read more than 1500 French book, but I cannot French fluently.

    All the best!

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