November 8, 2022
Ultimate Burger at Newburgh Inn


Newburgh Inn has had a few owners over the past few years, but none have stuck quite as well as their current owners: Chrissy and Mark. Since the new ownership in 2022, the pub had had a complete overhaul in its atmosphere! The place is actually busy these days and they are continually making their menu bigger and better.

One evening Stephen and I decided to take our friends Chris and Kerry down to the local and show then what the fuss was about!


Mac and Cheese at Newburgh Inn

Food wise we all opted for something different! First up, Chris went for the incredible looking Three Cheese Macaroni Bake; Served with salad and garlic bread. This was such a generous portion of cheesy goodness! 🧀

Ultimate Burger at Newburgh Inn

Stephen chose the Angus Steak Burger; a hefty burger patty with streaky bacon, smoked cheese, homemade relish, the usual veggies and skinny fries

Small Fish and Chips at Newburgh Inn

Kerry went for a small portion of the Beer Battered Haddock; Served with thrice cooked hand cut chunky chips and peas

Curry of the Week at Newburgh Inn

Last but not least was my order! I opted for the Curry of the Week which was a beef curry. This was served with rice and naan bread, and I greedily ordered a portion of fries too. Sadly, I was somewhat disappointed with my dish. I was expecting nice big chunks of beef in sauce but instead it was more like a chilli con carne with peas through it and with no spice. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted nice enough, but it absolutely was not a curry


As if we hadn’t eaten enough, we ordered some puds! The boys ordered a very fancy looking Raspberry Cheesecake of the Day served in a glass pot, Kerry went for the ever-traditional Sticky Toffee Pudding, and I opted for the Cranachan Mille Feuille. Zero complaints with those 😋

FOOD 8/10
DRINKS 10/10 – great selection

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