Fitness Friday Post 2

April 23, 2016

(22nd April 2016)

Oh no! Fitness Friday going up on a Saturday!? Sorry guys I completely did not have the time to put this post up yesterday as I went to the Theatre to see my friend perform in Michty Mia which was absolutely incredible!So where do I begin? I finally joined a gym for the first time in my life and that was enough to make me feel motivated!

I’ve been bad

I got back from my holiday on Tuesday and I really have not been sticking to any sort of diet and my body is suffering for it already! To be honest it was my birthday on Wednesday so there was a lot of junk food and alcohol involved!! Stay tuned for my posts about what I got for my birthday and also what I did and wear.

About my gym

I am going to Pure Gym hopefully 3 times a week. Pure Gym is relatively new the the scene but already I think they are incredible. It is so cheap! Whether you are a student or not the prices start from £15 – price varies depending on the gym you choose. My membership is £19.99 per month and there is no contract which means I can cancel at any time that I wish. Pure have a deal that if you pay £16 extra you can get access to all of the Pure Gyms which is perfect for if you travel around a lot.
When you join you get your own profile which I haven’t quite worked out yet but I do know that you can book classes through it.  There is also an app!

My first time

So yes, Kirsty, Jack and I went to the gym yesterday just for a short time to get our bearings within the gym. We were only there for about 45 minutes due to the last minute show plans but it was good none the less! I’m not going to lie to you I felt incredibly self conscious being in a gym with absolutely no fitness level! I pretty much just followed Kirsty’s lead and did whatever she did as she has more of a routine. We went on the treadmills, stepper, rowing machine, skiing machine and also did some floor work and squats. Jack did a good 35 minutes on the bikes which was really impressive. We finished our session with some stretches.

My food

For breakfast I had some Oats N’ Honey Special K which honestly wasn’t that great but hey, it’s better than toast right??

  (How do you take an artsy photo of cereal?)

For lunch James and I made stir fry chicken noodle salad which was to my surprise very yummy. James is definitely the chef in our relationship!

It was a quick dinner on the go due to going to the show but I threw together a Mexican chicken salad with Chilli and Coriander dressing. This was so tasty and super easy to make! I bought some pre cooked Mexican chicken, a bag of salad and the dressing. That’s it! It literally cost me £4 for the ingredients.

I had 2 snacks for the day and they were a bag of crisps (oops) in between breakfast and lunch and also a small apple between lunch and dinner.

My friend Jack

Okay so I mentioned before that Jack came to the gym with me and I wanted to give him his own section because he would like to ‘feature’ in my fitness Friday posts! He feels that if he is sharing his progress with you guys it will keep him more motivated as he wont want to disappoint! So I’ll give you a little information about Jack and his goals. Jack is 20 years old, 5’9 and 16 Stone 3 pounds (227 pounds). He wants to set himself small realistic goals often so that he doesn’t overwhelm himself and therefore his first goal is to get to 14 Stone 9 pounds (209.4 pounds).

(I forgot to get a full body shot of jack so here’s one from a group photo!  You can an idea of what he looks like.)

There we go! Now not only do you get my progress but you get Jacks too! You lucky bunch😝 Since this week has pretty much been a write off I decided not to weight myself for this post but I am ready to get back into my summer body!   

How is your summer body coming along?

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