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So it was a good few months ago now but I purchased a number of items from Milani and I am FINALLY getting my butt in gear and getting round to reviewing them!  Milani is a cheap American brand and so getting it here in the UK used to be very difficult until Beauty Bay saved my life and started to stock almost everything!

I have always wanted to try the foundation but at the time of my purchase they did not have it on their website (it’s okay I have ordered it now!!)  So instead I decided to try a bunch of things from different categories of make up and see how I got on.  Generally with cheaper brands they are either really bad or surprisingly amazing.  I definitely have a mixed review with these products!

First up for scrutiny is the Matte Lip Cream in the shade Precious.  It is a brown toned pinky nude however is nothing like the picture online, still gorgeous though!  This liquid lipstick was £8 which is actually relatively expensive for being a cheaper brand.  I really like the consistency of this lipstick, it goes on really well.  The longevity isn’t overly impressive but lasts for as long as you do not eat or drink.


Next up is another lipstick – surprise surprise! This is the Colour Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in the shade Flirty.  This lipstick was £6 and I will definitely be purchasing more and  I am obsessed with it!  It is especially great now that it is the autumn months!  Its a deep raspberry sort of colour and I find this lipstick very easy to apply and doesn’t feel dryingimg_2386

Illuminating Face Powder.  I purchased this powder in the shade 03 Beauty’s Touch and it was £9.  When swatched it is a very pale pink shimmer colour.  Not very pigmented which I kind of expected for the price however it is a pretty looking product just takes a little while to build it up.


Powder Blush – £9.  I have wanted a brown toned blush for a while now and so I decided to purchase the shade 03 Warm Petals.  I like this blush – it is not my favourite but I like it.  It is not anything like the colour it shows however.  It is VERY orange and also very shimmery so if you dislike orange shimmer this is not the product for you!


The final purchase from Milani was the Baked Bronzer – £8.  As I said I wanted to get almost a full face worth of products so bronzer was obviously next.  I purchased the shade 04 Glow and was very quickly disappointed.  Again this product is just orange shimmer but with very little pigment. I will say I was impressed by the packaging though and it did come with a small brush underneath the product.


Overall I was pretty sad about this purchase as I will never use some of these products however it has not stopped me from buying some other bits and bobs to try!  I do think that for the price of these products they should be a little better but just do your research before you buy things!

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11 thoughts on “Milani Haul

  1. Omg. I want that Milani liqiud lipstick for a long time but it is a little bit up in the price for drugstore brand. But your review made me buy it. And I probably will do that. And the rose blushes are good too. My friend bought that rose blush and she says it is so nice and pigmented. Go to my blog and see my little haul 💕😘

    1. I do agree it’s pretty expensive for a drug store brand! I’m glad you bought it! I love it❤️
      Will definitely give it a read🌟 thanks for checking out my post x

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