March 5, 2018


Hello lovelies and welcome back!

Way back in mid-January, Lucy from EyeWake contacted me about trying out their new collagen eye-gel. In the email Lucy said the following; ” EyeWake supports the most vulnerable people in society through our partnership with Women’s Aid. For every EyeWake sold a donation is made to help victims of domestic violence. This product is 100% natural, has never been tested on animals and is suitable for all skin types. What will it do for you? Targets puffy eyes, removes dark circles, anti-aging ingredients, improved elasticity, improved hydration, and reduces lines and wrinkles. ”

Personally, some of this is unnecessary for me such as the anti-aging properties and wrinkles however I do get puffy eyes and also very bad dark circles so for those reasons I thought it was well worth giving the product a shot. The product can be purchased from eyewake.co.uk for £22.95. I feel like at this point I must let you know that I did receive this product for free however this does not change my views or opinions on the product – this is an honest review.

I am always very sceptical when it comes to products for my face from unknown brands purely because I don’t know how my skin will react – I feel like I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right?? So anyway, I waited until I had a weekend off work with no other plans just in case I had a reaction – to my joy my skin was completely fine!


Gel products in general make me feel a little uneasy because you just never know if it’s going to feel greasy or sticky or if the company has managed to hit the sweet spot and balance it out. This product is ideal, it feels very hydrating under the eyes without feeling sticky or uncomfortable. I applied the product after my nighttime skincare routine and by morning I did feel like my eyes weren’t so puffy as the day previous however I carried on using it for 2 weeks straight to make sure that it wasn’t just the fact I had a decent night sleep for once!

Personally I do think it made a slight difference to the puffiness around my eyes and my under eyes do appear to be brighter. I think this is probably down to the hydrating properties of the product. On Amazon, it does say the product can be used a face primer before makeup so I gave that a go too and it is definitely my preferred use for the gel. It has a very slight tackiness to it which seems to help make up stick without being patchy.


Overall I would say this is a good product and if you suffer from dry under eyes or want to try out a new primer then it definitely is worth trying! I don’t know that I would re-purchase the product at this stage purely because I haven’t tried any other under eye skincare and I would like to see what else is out there.

The biggest thing I love about this brand is that they work with Women’s Aid. Eyewake donate 5% of their net profits to Women’s Aid and partake in charity events in each quarter. If you would like to know more about Women’s Aid or make a donation to the charity then please click here!

And that is it from me! This week I’m going to have an extra post going live so please keep an eye out for that.

Bye for now,

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  • Reply Livia Claire April 22, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    I have just been contacted by their PR and was contemplating on whether to accept their product or not. Same as you, I don’t have wrinkles but I could really use something for my dark circles and puffy under eyes.

    After reading your honest review I will accept it and share this product with my audience, as well.

    • Reply Holly Da Silva April 23, 2018 at 11:35 am

      Yeah you definitely should! I’m glad my review could help 🙂 x

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