January 31, 2019

Welcome to part two of my Berlin adventures! 2 weeks ago I posted New Year in Berlin | Things to do  so this week it only made sense to write about where we ate. I have included general restaurants, cafes and also one fun surprise!


On our first day we arrived about 11am and hadn’t eaten since the airport at 5 so after we had checked in we decided to have a walk about and see what took our fancy. We found Oliv, which was absolutely packed – and for good reason too!


I opted for a Chicken Caesar salad which was absolutely massive. I was given an entire chicken breast which is unheard of in Aberdeen. I had a latte along with it to avoid the enevitable crash after a 4am start. What surprised me about Berlin in general was the fact that any time you ordered a coffee the mug/glass it would come in would have no handle??


We weren’t particularly hungry after our massive lunch so for dinner we decided to try some good old German cuisine… Currywurst! We just so happened to be a 2 minute walk from a well rated “restaurant” – It isn’t a restaurant but it isn’t just a stall either. You order outside the shop like a food stand but there is a long table inside that you can stand and eat at. We opted for Spicy Currywurst with chips and mayo and it was glorious! It was also around 5 Euros which made it taste even better!



I wouldn’t say either of us are major burger fans (I think working at Mcds ruined that) however we walked by Supreme a number of times and it really looked amazing. They had a pretty extensive menu of burgers and non-burger options too. I went for a Spicy Chicken burger – which was not spicy in the slightest but still tasty!



We actually almost didn’t eat here because they mucked up our reservation but luckily they had a wee table for us. We chose to eat here on Hogmanay – mainly because everywhere else was fully booked! It was really nice though! We decided to go for the ‘Plato de Tapas Calientes (warm)‘ and no I did not attempt to say it in the restaurant, I would have for sure butchered it! The platter contained; Potato cubes, fried green peppers, calamari stripes, grilled prawn, fried crayfish meat, Bacon strips, chorizo, ham croquette, mini chicken kebab, meatballs, garlic mayonnaise & tomato sauce.


I know the picture is horrific but you’ll just have to trust me that it tasted fab! In hind-sight we probably should have ordered maybe 1 more dish along side this but saying that, we didn’t leave hungry.


This is a massive chain restaurant however neither of us had heard of it! We went here on the first so we were feeling pretty fragile – Pizza sounded like the best option to cure this! We were not expecting what arrived at our table…


Look at the freaking size of those bad boys!? If we had known the sheer size of these pizza’s we would have definitely shared but there was nothing on the menu about it. It truly felt like something off of Man V Food!

Grand Bar

For the most part we didn’t eat breakfast but there was 2 occasions where we did and one of those was at Grand Bar. We both chose to go for the American Breakfast which consisted of; Nürnberger sausages, scrambled eggs & crispy bacon with French toast.


All breakfasts also come with a pot of fruit salad which I think is a nice touch. The restaurant itself was beautiful and as the name suggests, it was rather grand!

Andys Diner & Bar

This place was kind of tucked away but I’m glad that we found it – I believe there is 3 around Berlin. As you can probably guess from the name this place is an American style diner and the one we visited was (strangely) attached to an Asian restaurant.


We both chose another full cooked breakfast or the Diner’s Breakfast which had 3 scrambled eggs with bacon, 2 sausages, hash browns, toast & baked beans. Nothing beats a full cooked brekky and for less than 8 Euros we really couldn’t complain.

Unsicht Bar

This is not just a bar, nor is it just a restaurant. It is the darkest restaurant you will ever visit – on purpose!


Confused? Let me explain.  Unsicht is a restaurant that is in complete darkness. It is so dark that you can’t even see your hand in front of your face! To top things off, you also have literally NO idea what you are eating – which is an extremely strange yet interesting experience.


You get some what of a choice, for example you can choose from; Chicken, Beef, Fish, Vegetarian, Cheese or a surprise menu – so you have a rough idea of what you’ll be eating. I opted for the vegetarian menu, not that the menu was any sort of help in choosing!

We were then taken downstairs by our dedicated waitress and went into a conga line formation. I honestly have no idea how this woman navigated us through this pitch black room to our table but it sure was impressive.

The food was excellent and we did find out what we ate when we went back upstairs but I wont share that part with you! It is definitely a worth while experience even for someone like me who is (still) scared of the dark!

If you do head to Berlin, I can absolutely assure you that you won’t be stuck for choice! There is all types of cuisine there and at reasonable prices too.

Until Monday folks,

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