December 21, 2018


Wanna be a little crafty with presents this year but don’t have heaps of time? I’ve got you covered with these cute photo frames that are super simple to make!

What you will need:

  • A photo frame of choice – I have used an A4 sized one from The Range.
  • Mini pegs
  • String

You can also pick up Craft sets specifically for this for just £1, again from The Range.

So originally I was going to simply glue the string to the frame however I just absolutely couldn’t get it to stick.  I was using Stick It Silicone Glue which said on the packet that it was ideal for general arts and crafts projects but apparently not this craft! So anyway, I had to come up with a different plan.

I started by taking the paper insert on the frame and gluing it backwards onto the back of the frame so that it had a white background. You could use coloured card or paper for this depending on how you want it to look.

I then took the glass out of the frame and left it to one side for now. I chose my coloured string/twine and decided to wrap it around the edge of the frame. This was quite fiddly as I wanted it to be in a specific place on the frame and also stay tight. I wrapped it around maybe 5-6 times and tied it in a knot. I did two lines of string on my frame but you could definitely do more or less depending on how big your frame is.

Once the string was secure I put the glass back into the frame – bare in mind the string will stop it from going in fully and will create a gap but I think it still looks nice. I then simply closed the frame up.

With the crafting pack you get little cardboard photoframes which you could definitely stick your own photos to if you wanted. If not, just pegging photos and/or notes of different sizes will look nice too!


I really like how this turned out and it is a really simple and thoughtful gift to give to anyone at either Christmas or even a birthday.

Did you like how it turned out or have done something like this before? Let me know 🙂

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